Comments on the Marketplace

  1. I just wanted to say, Vlad and Megs, if/when you guys reconsider opening the Marketplace, I think there should definitely be heavy restrictions and that it be limited to respected, regular members with well over just 100 posts (as was the previous limit).

    I can't tell you how many PMs I have gotten from other regular members who have had problems on the Marketplace with the new members (with 200 or less posts). I think there were a lot more problems than even you guys knew!

    Hope everything's well with you two!
  2. Oh no, we knew ALLL about ALLL of the problems and then some. Hence the MP was taken down and is still down. *IF* we were ever to bring it back, it would be VERY different :yes:
  3. yea i agree. i thought 100 post was little and was shocked that it actually went down to 75 posts too. more restrictions will be great if it ever opens again.

  4. What about just using the Marketplace as merely a place to announce that you have an item for sale, and even post the auction site or personal email address but not permit any sales through the PF. Meaning, that this would just be a bulletin type listing, and all transactions would be independent of the PF and PF would not be in any way involved. Kind of like Buyer Beware- and leave you out of it. And if they run into any problems, they need to deal directly with the buyer/seller, paypal or ebay.

    Would that work?
  5. ^^Wasn't that what the original MP was? Just a listing of eBay items that were already for sale.
  6. Great idea.

    I don't really see how having 5 posts or 500 makes one less likely to sell fake or damaged goods. There are plenty of fraudulent Ebay sellers with over 100 positive feedbacks. Some people think that they can get away with selling some fake or something "as new" that's been clearly used and they ruin things for everyone else.
  7. I guess the only difference would be that all sales would be handled independent of the PF- the PF would be used solely as a venue to advertise. So you could not post questions about the items in the thread, or handle payment and close the transaction through the PF. All questions, payment and negotiations would have to be handled independtly from the PF.

    The way it was before, people relied to heavily on the PF to ask questions in the thread, and apparently confused the fact that all negotiations were supposed to be independent of the PF. IF we made it clear from the beginning that Buyer Beware and all negotiations and transactions are to be handled outside of the PF- and all disputes as well- it may solve the problem?

    I am just trying to think of a way were we can still have the Marketplace but without Megs, Vlad or the Mods having to get involved when something goes wrong. It should be a sale transaction between two adults that has nothing to do with the PF. And that everyone who wants to take part in the Marketplace would have to agree that all disputes and issues arising from any transaction that originated from the information posted here is at their own peril and that the PF does not warranty, guaranty, oversee, or intervene if anything should go wrong. So, a post would be something more like an advertisement:

    Black Balenciaga City available for sale. Contact Joe Blow at ____ for further details.

    Thus, like a newspaper, you can't contact the newspaper complaining that Joe Blow was a crook or that the merchandise was different than advertised- because the newspaper was not involved in the transaction, but merely a medium to post an advertisement.

    Just a thought.

    ADD: We could even call it the Classifieds so there is no confusion that its sole purpose is to advertise your sale.
  8. i think that's a great idea, it would be like craigslist, they're not responsible for anything at all and it's a great on-line classified
  9. ^^^ Yes!
  10. OOh-yes, a classified forum like Craigslist would be great. Stipulations being that the sale is not to be discussed on board-that forum could ahve the replies feature turned off-and they are not to be discussed in PMs. Just like you say:

    Brown Coach bag for sale 10 million dollars-new/used/chewed by my dog, contact Nishi621 at email address goes here

    Great idea!

  11. I don't think that would work... with the marketplace, there were picture requirements so that if there was a fake being sold, at least one person would catch it! If it's just like "I have this for sale, contact me at blahblah@blah.blah," then we wouldn't have that safty/security. kwim?
  12. We could still have that. Just no negotiations would be discussed through the PF. Authenticity is an entirely different matter. In fact, once the potential buyer has pics from teh seller, the buyer could always post in the Autenticate This section in the relevant sub-forum. We could treat it as any other auction as far as authentication, but at least Megs, Vlad and the Mods don't have to get involved.
  13. totally agree on the posts requirements. i dont think it matters because people can still sell fake stuff with their thousand posts. i'm still hoping for the MP to come back but i'll let meg and vlad decide what they want to do:amuse:
  14. Amen to that! I am going thru my own personal mini drama with MP fall out!! :mad:

  15. You also have to realistic about things too. When you buy something at 85% of retail you are getting a good deal. I think even BRAND NEW bags might have a little slight microscopic imperfection. I am not directing this to anyone in particular just a comment. :cool: Fakes are another thing entirely :mad: .