Comments on Ramona

  1. Started carrying my new khaki Ramona and so far all the comments have been "Wow-- what a big bag!" I'm getting to get a little self conscious-- like I'm wearing luggage instead of a purse.

    People have also asked me if I have a hard time finding stuff in it. Have to admit I do, even though I don't carry all that much. I'm glad it has all those inside pockets or I definitely would have a problem.

    Does anyone else get these comments? BTW -- I'm 5'4", 120 lbs so I'm no Tinkerbell.
  2. jello - I just get positive comments on my 2 Ramonas...mostly the slick red calf, though the tan biker/snake has had some complements. No one had made a size comment to me, but I am 5'7" and much larger than you. 120lbs is peanut-sized.

    Gosh, remember when size 10 was the ideal? Am I that old? Don't answer that :roflmfao:
  3. I have the same exact bag, and I'm about an inch shorter and a few pounds lighter than you...

    I've never gotten comments about the bag being too big - so far, the comments have been very pleasant.

    I'm sorry that you are feeling a bit self-conscious wearing the bag. To give my Ramona some shape and structure, I throw everything essential in a large cloth make-up bag, which I then throw into the Ramona. It gives me an extra ounce of security (since it zips) and I can find the most important things in a jiffy.

    If you love the bag, that's all that matters. Good luck!
  4. Jello1955
    So sorry to hear you are getting questionable remarks about your beautiful bag:wtf:

    If the remarks came from other women, I would imagine some of it just might be fueled by jealousy and I hate people who do that:bagslap:

    I have had my Ramona for quite awhile and I have NEVER had anyone remark about the size, only compliments and touches.

    I am only 5'1 and about 110 (on good days :shame:smile:, so I am shorter than you and I just posted a couple photos of me wearing mine but here is a photo of mine.

    I agree with Jburgh & SuLi if you love your Ramona as much as we love ours, Wear it with Pride and Joy and don't give another thought to whatever remarks others might make:heart:
  5. How rude! If I see a small woman with a huge bag, I might think it but would never say anything like that to her...and it would have to be alot larger than the Ramona. I agree with Robyn, they are just jealous!
  6. You know....I've seen this come up time and again here on tPF and to me it ends up being all about attitude! I see the photos of Samantha, Robyn and several other girls with their Ramonas and the bag looks like it's a part of them. :tup:

    If you can carry it off, it's all good! I also totally think that on us vertically challenged girls it's all about heels. My DH thought I was a freaking runway model for the first month that we were dating! Like I was ever going to take off those Michael Kors boots with the 4" heel that I have in both brown and black! But I digress.... :upsidedown:

    If you love the bag, and everything that a larger bag has to offer, who cares what anyone else thinks? :popcorn: Oh, the popcorn smile is only because I just remembered that I brought back the BEST Kettle Corn popcorn from NH. that I have ever had in my entire life and I want some! ;) Sweet AND great is that?? :heart:
  7. I'm only 5ft tall and no one has ever told me my ramona looks too big, just wear it like you love it and who cares what other people think! :jammin:
  8. I don't think the Ramona is that big:shrugs: and it certainly would never remind me of luggage. Maybe this is a new look for some of the people around you. New things can take time getting used to. It sounds like you have something different from your friends and acquaintances. Now that is a good thing! You loved the Ramona enough to buy it and keep. Wear it with pride and style!
  9. I'm feeling your pain because sadly, I am returning my new khaki Ramona back to NM today because of the size. Even though I am really tall, I just don't carry enough stuff to warrant such a ginormous bag and it looked weird, shapeless and too slouchy with just a wallet, cellphone and a few lipglosses floating around in it. Such a deal at $1200, too.

  10. Yes, I think because the leather is so soft and makes the bag so slouchy, it looks larger. When I see pics of other Ramonas, they appear to be more structures and not so big. I'm going to try to put in my Purseket and see if it fills it out.
  11. Jeez, I'm late to this thread, but those comments are just so off base. Those women must be living under a rock. :rolleyes: The Ramona is NOT that big, especially when compared to other popular bags these days. (My Ramona pales in comparison to the size of my YSL Muse and Downtown bags, lol!) And you aren't supposed to feel obligated to "fill up" your handbag, for god's sake. That's not the idea. Not fashionable, and not good for your back either.
  12. What I was trying to say in my previous post is that I'm pretty streamlined and carry only a few items in any bag. The Ramona, due to its softness and lack of frame, lost its pleasing shape when I carried it. I guess I simply prefer a more structured bag, like my Lady Dior soft shopper or Gucci Guccisima tote. I looked at some of the more structured Choo bags today at NM and preferred the Belted bag and the Radiant calfskin hobo.