Comments on Large Diamond Stitch Tote

  1. Hi, PFers who have the larger Diamond Stitch Tote, any comments about your bag? Good, bad, anything. I'm thinking of trying to find the red, so would like to get your thoughts on the bag. THanks all.
  2. I love it, and I can't be totally sure, but I think I may have spotted one at the South Coast Plaze Chanel today.
  3. This is the bag I'm saving up for! It's gorgeous! I love the red :smile:
  4. Is it in red?
  5. I ADORE this bag! I'll be shocked if you can find one.

    Mon, is this the same one you have?
  6. Smooth have this in white. THis is her bag:
  7. Is this bag hard to find in black?
  8. I know it comes in black. In fact a few of the PFers already have this bag in black.
  9. The red is a nice red.
  10. I have the large DS in black. I have not seen the bag in stores recently. I did see a red Outdoor tote (similar style, a bit smaller) at NM Newport Beach last weekend.
  11. Yes, it was red, sorry for the delay..
  12. The Outdoor Tote is cute until you try it on, it doesn't fit comfortable as a shoulder bag :sad:
  13. i like i like
    the red is the best
  14. how much is this tote
  15. $1750 for the large DS; $1650 for the small.

    I paid $1625 for my brown Outdoor tote, which only comes in one size. I prefer the Outdoor to the DS because the logo is smaller.