Comments On Bidpay? Please Post!!!

  1. I think all of us reading the Ebay forum were horrifed by OhDonna's account of her Paypal nightmare. Other members have chimed in with their comments, including the fact that since the recent lawsuits, it will likely only get worse.

    So, what to do? For all who can, please post any comments on the use of Bidpay, or other payment companies, please!!

    The best way to either reform Paypal, is for dedicated buyers and sellers to walk with their feet!!!:yes:

    PS: Money orders and checks are great, but what about those of us who, when making a large purchase, might need / prefer to use a CC?
  2. I've thought about that alot over the past few days. Luckily I only have 1 more highend bag to sell (my Chloe Tekla). After the past few days of hell with PayPal, I wont be accepting PayPal as payment. It will be Money Orders, cashiers Checks or Personal Check...I have always accepted Personal Checks on most auctions. In 7 years I have never had a bounced one. I absolutely dont ship until it clears. Checks clear or bounce fast now, so I find out quickly. I wont accept bidpay because I think they charge the buyers. (really dont know much about bidpay)

    Years ago before PayPal I spent many days afterwork waiting in line at the good ol' Post Office so I can buy Money Orders for my ebay purchases. I think more and more sellers will stop using PayPal and it will be money orders again.

    Its bad enough ebays fees are so high. And PayPals fees were even higher. I will never again let anyone try and control MY money like PayPal did.
  3. Bidpay closed down about 6 months ago.
  4. hi guys-
    I love bidpay, use it for all my auctions, about 80% of people pay me with that since I do not take paypal. The money goes directly into your checking account in 24 hours, sometimes less time and it is FREE for buyers. sellers are deducted a small percentage of the sale price but it is worth it because they are so easy to deal with , no games like paypal. i have never had a problem with them . some buyers balk at first because they want to use paypal out of habit but then i tell them how easy it is to use. there are buyer protection rules in place there and also seller protections like they will block a suspicious transfer of funds although this has never happened to me. some people still send a money order or check but the downside to that is it takes people a bit more effort to do that and sometimes they back out of the sale , whereas with bidpay or paypal you just click a button and the sale is complete.
    probably you will lose some buyers by not taking paypal but who cares? my experience is that if you have something that has real value people will buy it on your terms. hopefully as the paypal problems keep getting worse and worse, buyers (or the FTC) will eventually shut down that service.
    good luck!
  5. ^ Thanks for the great feedback on bidpay. I recently started to offer it in my auctions as an alternative to paypal. The seller fees seem a bit lower than paypal as well.

    I have no first hand experience with it yet but I'm comfortable offering it as an option to my buyers.
  6. Is it ok to use the words Bidpay in your auctions? I had a listing pulled because I used the words Western Union!
  7. ^ really? ur not allowed to take money order?

  8. No..I think Ebay only want the seller to offer "save" payment method like paypal ;)
  9. Thanks for the bidpay info. I will have to look into it. I really dont have much more to sell, and I know its a pain to go get a MO, but hopefully offering to take a check will sorta make up for that, I know many sellers dont take personal checks. But if a buyer wants an item of mine badly enough the MO wont be an issue. Cant wait till I'm done with selling...
  10. Great info, amyp! Thanks so much. My next auction, I'm definitely doing Bidpay.
  11. Bidpay is great, the fees for sellers are less then paypal. the only downsize is that they only use it for transactions that are less then $1500USD. So anything more then that, wont get approved. Also, it sometimes takes 3-4 days for them to review the payment and approve the transaction. The higher the dollar amount, the more time it will take to review and approve. I have never had a problem with the new bidpay. Whereas the older version of bidpay was a nightmare they would somtimes not approve my transactions because I didnt have high enough feedback or they weret comftorable doing it, even though it was a repeat buyer or seller. But, the new bidpay has been great!
  12. Weird! I remember them shutting down. I guess that's where the "Bidpay is now open" thing comes from:P
    Thanks for the correction, I am going to add them as a payment option right now!

  13. Am I missing something?? I don't see where it says you can't use Western Union?? Help! :confused1: