Comments on bag I'm considering Please.

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  1. Hey everybody, I just got here and somehow managed to post my first thread. I am not only new to this site, but new to owning bags. More a shoe person. I would like to start off modestly.

    I am interested in a brown bag that I saw on tv. I want to know your opinion on a new leather bag costing about 250 with tax, etc. 1) does it look good? Is it good for just this season? Do you think I could get away wearing it in the spring? I know that the money is not a lot in the world of handbags, but I still want it to have value estheticly (beauty wise), economically, etc.

    Does anyone have experience with tooled leather? Is it durable? The ad said that it is both tooled and soft. I just want my bag to have a decent life - not fall apart too soon. I am decent with my things, but i don't feel like carrying a special cushion for my bag. Again I am concerned with value. yes this is decently priced, but all my money is impt to me.

    There are 4 versions of the bag. I want the dark brown tooled option. I want the shoulder bag. I only included the wallet so you could see detail.

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  2. Cute, but I question the versatility of the print. Would it be your main handbag?
  3. yes. I wear a lot of brown.
  4. I'd buy a more classic handbag if it's going to be your main handbag. I personally think there is a bit too much going on in the bag, it looks a bit like a party bag :s
  5. could someone do me the favor of showing me what a classic bag might look like via jpeg or gif format?
  6. I really like the bag. Its not so much a worky bag. But I think for a main every day handbag, you could go with something a bit more of a classic.

    But saying that my main handbag isnt a classic as such, its just a bit unusual. If I love a bag, Ill wear it no matter what. So I think if you love it, and will get alot of use out of it, then get it.
  7. Thank you for your help. I currently carry a generic black cloth of decent thickness thread count tote. maybe a brown bag can be my everyday piece depending on how it is styled.

    I might still get the tooled bag. If anyone has experience with tooled, please tell me your experienc.e
  8. Hi Switzerland, could you please tell us who designed the bag? Thanks.
  9. It's a little too busy to be my everyday bag, but very fun looking for casual days.
  10. I like tooled leather, but I feel that with that and all the other, rather non-corresponding, details, the bag is a little too busy for my taste.

    If I were looking for a tooled leather bag, I would look for a simply shaped one, where the pattern is the main focus.

    IMO, this Etro bag is a good example of a beautiful, tooled leather bag; but a simple shoulder bag (e.g. a messenger) could also look great:

  11. i love brown bags!!! i think they're more cute and versatile than black :P
    chloe, that etro is so cute!!!
  12. I think you could find a more versatile print for everyday...these are a bit on the loud might find you'll get sick of it pretty quickly...

  13. I know! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    djgirl1976 told me about it, originally. It was her dream bag. :yes:
  14. Sharif
  15. I didn't know black could look so unique. I liked the tooled design on the front and the croc? embossed surprise on the sides. Would you do me a favor and tell me approximately what it costs and where you found this delight?

    How would you plan to use the above? work? club? shopping? art party? Something else? I like how the pattern really stands out.

    I believe the brown tooled option I am interested in is designed to look more antique with its shadings of brown. I apologize that the brown bag I am interested in is behind the black bag in the picture - so we can't see what it looks like in full. We are supposed to guess that the brown and black are very similiar just different colors.