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  1. Thanks, Ladies for the comments about my collection - thought I would start a new thread since there is alot more to my post than just about "our collections"

    As you can see, I am all about red :love:

    I do have that black one, but that was given to me. I forgot one thing, and maybe even others - but the one thing I know I forgot was my bookmark....basically cause it is in my book in the car (like the one below)

    eBay: NwT Coach Signature Leather BookMark w Picture, Red (item 300023580360 end time Sep-04-06 19:37:44 PDT)

    But I LOVE my bookmark, I mean how cool to have a COACH bookmark?!?!?! (not saying I am cool, but how cool is it that they ever made one in order for me to have it!!!) I love that Coach has made soooooooooooooooooo many different types of accessories!! Of course since I have all red, and they aren't all from the same lines, there is a bit of difference in colors, but they are all of that gorgeous true blue-red Coach uses. I don't not like Vermillion, but I am much more drawn to the blue tones not the orange/yellow tones.

    There are a few accessories I don't have - but I don't need a contact case since I don't wear them...LOL!!! And there are other mirrors, but I think one purse mirror is enough.....especially since I NEVER use it - but I know it is there and that is what matters.....right, girls?!?!?!

    And yes, the Doggie is absolutely ADORABLE!!! He is even cuter in real life.....besides my Kyoto bag and my sterling jewelry he is my 3rd favorite Coach item I have. He is a treasure for sure!!!

    I paid way more than I probably had to :noggin: , if I had been patient and waited for "the best bargain" like I normally do when buying on Ebay - however, I wanted him toooooooo bad and I paid $160. I have seen TWO of them sell for $75 - crazy, huh???? But since he was originally a Limited Edition from 2002 (I think that is what I decided) and was priced at $298, I still think I got a deal. (I have to tell myself that....over and over and over) But I have also found so many other things at such great prices, then I don't get too upset when I think about it anyway. Like my Kyoto silk bag I got for $165 PLUS a leather wallet (the small bi-fold you can see in the left of the picture) or my large leather Carry All that I got for $143. And the many other things I have "stolen" because I have placed my bid at the right time and searched out the best price for whatever it was I wanted at the time. Since I am home 24/7, I can not only search every single listing on Ebay, I am home when the auction ends to place my bid at the end I have no problem sniping, after all that is what an auction is about and sniping has been given a bad rap. However, I don't use a program to do it - I do my own bidding. So maybe that is why I find it acceptable?!?!? hehehe And I always put in the highest price I am willing to pay and if someone outbids me, so be it. But if someone only places a bid for the opening amount and I place my bid in the last 30 seconds how can that be my fault that I won and they didn't?!?!?!?!

    Unfortunately (sniff, sniff) I have to stop buying Coach for awhile, cause I have had to buy some new clothes. I lived the past 4 years in Nebraska and my winter clothes are much to heavy for winter in Houston, TX!!!!

    But the new line is just TO DIE FOR

    :heart: :happydance: :heart:

    Don't you think?!?!?!?

    However, I am not sure if you noticed.....all of my bags have nickel hardware. And all of my sterling silver jewelry....well, that is my Coach ss jewelry anyway!! I wear 3 bracelets on my right wrist - a Tiffany stencil heart, a paw print link and a dog bone link that are very cute. Plus I wear a ruby and silver ring on 5 fingers and then two Tiffany heart rings on two other fingers and a paw print in a heart ring plus my Coach ring.....yes, I wear 9 rings :blush: But, at least in my opinion, they aren't tacky or overdone - LOL!!! They are large but very simple.....all of my ruby rings are solitaires. Nothing like a cocktail ring or anything. I am highly allergic to gold I can put on a gold ring - no matter what karet - and 1/2 of my finger will turn green within the hour. Even sterling does that to me, but only for about a day until my body adjusts to it and only right under the piece. Even the BEST sterling does this - my Tiffany pieces all did when they were new. I think it is a PH balance issue in my body related to my health issues (not sure if you read my introduction in the "Your Bag Showcase" area that talks about my disability)

    ANYWAY, my reason for telling you all of this - I know I am very long winded, or rather long written (LOL!!) but for that above reason, all of my bags MUST have nickel hardware. I don't like the look of mixing gold and silver, though many pull it off beautifully. And I won't carry a bag with brass hardware.

    And most all of the new collection, and the upcoming revamped Legacy bags that are coming out at the end of the month to celebrate the 65th Anniversary, all have brass hardware.

    On top of that, the new hardware is not like the hardware used in the past - it is HUGE!!!!!! The Dog Leash Clasps are soooooo chunky and gorgeous. And the brass is very brassy - not in a negative way of course, but the color is brighter than the brass Coach has used in the past.

    Have you guys seen the new striped lining?!?!?! OH, it is phenomenal. And they are making all kinds of accessories in the same striped fabric - kiss lock coin purses, wallets, even a Doggie Sweater!!!! (see attachment) And I read on here that someone posted they are even coming out with PEOPLE cashmere sweaters in the same stripes?!?!?! That is AMAZING!!!! However, I am sure I am too heavy to be able to get one of those

    I am not sure if you have have discussed this yet.....but in the second part of Coach's year (they are on a fiscal year from July 1st - June 30th so the second part of their year is actually the beginning of our new year!!) they are going to be launching a FRAGRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And on top of that, a new jewelry line :yahoo: And the girls at my store, who know about my sterling silver Coach jewelry fetish, told me "You are going to be very happy!!!" Which means that they will have new silver jewelry, instead of or at least in addition to all of that brass stuff they have been producing in the past couple of years!!!!



    Anyway, just had to share all of that with you......sorry for writing so much, but I am just so excited to be here and share my passion of Coach!!!!
  2. uhh... I read like the first line and quit. There's a thread to show off your collection, along with everyone elses. Most of my collection is pink. Imagine that.
  3. CoachKatie, I did the same thing as you. I read the first line and then scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and...well you get the point. Until I got to your post. :lol:
  4. I did say I know it was very long - but I put alot of information about the new line and new upcoming products that I wasn't sure you were all aware of :shame:

    And I posted about the Doggie since alot of people have commented on it (in the Coach collection thread where I originally posted but didn't know if everything in my post was appropriate for that area and in the other Collection area), and since I have seen alot of people have their avatars as Doggies, I figured some might be interested in the information about him - where I got him, how much I paid, when he came out and the original MSRP and how much you can find them for it you are patient.

    Those were the reasons for my post. Sorry if it is not an appropriate post, I tried to delete it but can't find a delete.... :sad: Maybe I need to figure out what this forum IS about and what is appropriate to discuss before I get carried away. I am very sorry :blush:
  5. don't feel bad. . . everyone is interested in reading different things about people. I bet as we get to know you better, more people will become very interested in the little things that make you, YOU!

    We rarely delete a thread around here, you may edit a post for a short time after you post it.
  6. Welcome to the PF...and Im sorry that you werent welcomed better.We love to hear about everyones new pieces and what they collect in general...So dont feel badly..I personally enjoyed reading it and PLEASE dont stop posting....The purse forum is a really nice place to be among friends.
    Dont hesitate to PM me any questions anytime..and again...WELCOME!
  7. WELCOME to the forum!!! I am glad you are really passionate about your collection and willing to share all of the information with us!! :heart:

    For a while I would not carry a bag that has brass or gold hardware, but I have branched out now :amuse:

    And ladies, I would have expected a nicer welcome from you!
  8. Hi! Welcome to tPF. I didn't even know there was a line of stuff for dogs coming out! Too cute!! That will definitely make a perfect holiday gift for my friends with dogs.

    I saw your red collection-it's fantastic. I want a red purse for the fall so badly!
  9. Welcome! I am guilty of not reading the entire thing also, lol, but I just got out of class so my brain is mush.

    Myself, I'm still yearning for that special red purse. I currently dont have anything red :sad: That bookmark is adorable though! I love that its an embossed piece! I want one, lol.
  10. Hey there! I saw your coach collection and it's quite neat! Welcome!
  11. Thanks, ladies.....

    I am very excited to see what all they come out with for the Doggies....if they come out with collars or leashes, I am in trouble :yes:
  12. Hey Bren it's a good thing that Coach dosen't have a line for cats or I'd be in trouble!!;)
  13. Welcome to the purse forum!!! Thanks for the information in your post!! :smile:
  14. LOL same! I saw that little sweater.. and come on it looks like it was made like pups like my little westie!! Thanks for the heads up and welcome! You'll have to forgive us, we have short attention spans at times, especially when it's after a long day, but this sub forum and other forums here are chock full of great people. I have yet to meet someone that wasn't. I hope to see more posts from you in the future, and welcome again!
  15. anyone remember when they made jewelry?

    there's a rumor that they're going to come out with jewelry again. this time it's suppose to be better...

    then there's the whole knit wear deal that they had awhile back.

    and there's talks about perfume :smile:

    me, i'm just waiting for the legacy bags...can't wait.

    did anyone see the last page of the current WWD accessories magazine?

    ostrich leather legacy bag!

    and the clutches...they're coming out in september..mid, i think.. it's really cute. i think clutches are making a's woman fall 2006 line was full of em' and you can see it in the ads in the magazine.


    anyways. i'm passionate about anything i find cute. lol.