Comments needed on this tote pls :)

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  1. I saw a lady carrying this tote recently and it was love at first sight:nuts: I actually noticed it last season on BV's website but did not get a chance to see it irl till now.I must say i'm absolutely smitten:drool: the color and everything about this bag is lovely! Do any of you ladies or gentlemen here own this bag?Please let me know if its heavy as I want to use it daily for school as well as for my days out shopping therefore I prefer something that is lightweight.Any modelling pics will be much appreciated too:smile:TIA

  2. Don't have it but wouldn't mind having it! Looks great, I love totes!, just don't like carrying them around NYC.
  3. OOO sure one of the amazing forum members will have an answer soon :smile: they are great!
  4. One of the guys asked about this tote. If he bought it, I hope he comments and maybe posts an action pic.
  5. love the tote!
  6. Oh, I love this tote!
  7. I have it in moro, the darker color. Love it, and use it a lot. But it can get heavy if you put too much in it.
  8. I'm tempted to get this tote but my main concern is it might be too big and heavy...I emailed Bryan and he said that this tote is sold out at his store but he could check other stores for me and he did mention this is a good bag. Now should I get it or just save the money for other bags:confused1:

    Longchamp please modelling post pics of your bag :drool:
  9. Longchamp - I know it's a little too much [and hard to put it on a bathroom scale] to ask: but is it possible that you weight this tote ? thanks.