Comments about your H

  1. What kind of reactions have your got when you wear your H? Does anyone notice? Are they complimentary?

    Apart from you lovely ladies and gentlemen and the SAs at H, no one has ever commented on how I look apart from Rose jr who is very enthusiastic about all my bags and scarves and never fails to let me know if she approves or not.

    I wondered if people in your life (home and work) and strangers ever comment about your H?
  2. Yes...

    Nothing but compliments...for the most part.

    I was wearing a pair of H sandal to get a pedicure, the technician said the shoes were great...I was embarrassed to tell her the brand. The name is known around here.

    Then she saw my Kelly and when I offered it to her to examine..she politely it was delicate porcelain..she was afraid to touch it.

    My old boss who was rather thrifty when it came to bags and to handle my Kelly...and was amazed at the craftsmanship....and grudgingly admitted it was breathtaking.

    My mom on the other hand...thinks it a big waste....
  3. not often at all.
    one time my male La Mer SA.."Is that....?" (kelly)
    i take that as a compliment. heh!

    another time from a male SA at NM shoes "i like the color!" (etoupe)

    Recently when i was at the airport, 2 ladies at the newsstand asked me "where you get your bag"?
    I told them. they didn't know what Hermes is. "oh...that's a nice color". (etoupe).
    I think it's the best when people don't recognize the brand but simply appreciate the beauty of the bag.
  4. The majority of comments I get are on my CDC bracelets. People have stopped me in malls, the grocery store, post office, etc, to compliment me on (and ask where I got) them. A few people at work have also commented on my mousselines and plisses. I've also had people stop me about my bicolor birkin and my raisin one. Not many know that the bags are Hermes but they comment on the colors.
  5. I'll let you know tomorrow! I am actually really nervous to hear people's reaction to my Kelly! So it should be interesting!
  6. Not many comments here, but a few strangers in the oddest places have complimented me on my bags (either black Chevre Kelly or Gold Birkin), such as in the ladies room, grocery checkout, etc. Out of town, I've had comments from a man sitting next to me at dinner (admiring the quality), or at a NM counter, etc. The only semi-negative comment, if you call it that, was from my dad (who took the delivery of my PO last Sept)..."it's HOW MUCH??? - it doesn't even have wheels!!!":shrugs::nuts:
  7. I've had compliments on scarves most of the time.

    Once in Neiman's though, the girl at the cosmetics counter told me she thought my Kelly was beautiful and that started a whole conversation about Hermes and how she used to be an SA there!!!! In the store-that-has-nothing!!!!!!!
  8. I get huge compliments from gay men. You want to catch a gay guy's eye? Wear Hermes, never fails with me.
  9. ^^ that's true! i've had a few compliments from gay men...and SAs at Neimans. luckily the brand isn't that well known here though there is a boutique.

    my mom was underwhelmed to begin with but now is starting to warm up to it (sending her pics of VB and her collection helps ;) )
  10. ^ that is so true!
  11. Recently a straight man I was introduced to complimented my cotton scarf and said , "it must be Hermes." I was quite surprised, as the cotton scarves are really not so well known or appreciated.
  12. That's really sweet.

    Thinking back, Rose jr friends all did love my La Danse mousse......
  13. Hermes is not at all well known in my part of the world. However, I get a lot of compliments from friends and strangers about my bags. They love the workmanship, design and colors.
  14. I am not trying to impress anyone but if I were carrying an LV purse, I'd get a ton of wows I'm sure. My Evelyne is totally under the radar. There are actually a couple people in my office who know H scarves and I do get some compliments on them from time to time.
  15. Not many comments. Most folks I interact with regularly don't really know what H is. But I did get compliments on my Brighton blue Bolide a few days ago while at a work conference. They wanted to know the brand, were guessing Tods...I was tongue-tied and finally I had to hand it over to my friend and then she saw what it was. I don't think I've ever gotten a negative comment. Am just used to the lack of comments...