Comments about these bags?

  1. It's time for me to choose another bag! I am torn between these three:

    1. Lockit Horizontal - This looks like the perfect everyday bag. I absolutely love the shape, size, pockets and zipper closure. I love that you can wear it on the shoulder or carry on the arm or in the hand. The only thing I am concerned about is the high-maintenance VACHETTA! I swore I would never get another monogram canvas bag because of vachetta issues but this style has made me reconsider. I really wish they made this in Damier or Mini Lin Ebene!

    2. Damier Hampstead MM - I love the size, shape and low-maintenance factor of this bag and you can carry this on the shoulder or in the hand. BUT, it doesn't have a zip closure and I already have a Saleya MM which may be too similar.

    3. Mini Lin Noe - Mini Lin is my favorite line and I love that it is also low-maintenance! I'd love to hear from any Noe owners if this style is easy and comfortable to carry everyday (or is it too deep?) and if the tie-closure is an issue.

    Any comments (pros and cons) would be appreciated, thanks!!! :tender:
  2. The Hampstead is quite lovely and spacious- love the Inventeur plaque! But I think my favorite is the mini lin Noe- it's just so lovely and feminine while still being discreet.
  3. LH- Too big, IMHO.
    Hampstead- Loved it in pics, but had a change of mind when I saw it IRL.
    Mini Lin Noe- It's sooo cute!
  4. my first choice was hampstead but since you already have the saleya, I vote the mini lin noe. It is quite spacious and light to carry. I tried it on the store and loved it but I like handbags more so I got the speedy.
    Post pics when you choose your bag. Good Luck
  5. Hapstead PM is huge and too much like your Saleya (although I do love the plaque). Not a fan of the noe in the mini lin, don't think it has enough structure. I wasn't a fan of the LH until we had our Hawaii meet and one of the gals was using hers. The bag is HOT!
  6. LH: Don't like the big clam wannabe alma shape....
    Hampstead: GET IT! It's a pretty bag, I love the plaque
    Mini LIn: I like it in dune, but not the fabric or lining inside :push:
  7. That is a tough call...
    I definately understand your issue with wanting to be able to close the bag with a zipper.
    But considering that you do have a Saleya (lovely by the way :heart: ) I would go for the Noe. Then you will have two very different bags - and they both can be closed.

    I also love the LH because of the zipper and that you are able to carry it over the shoulder, but I think it looks a little too lady-like.
  8. Have the lockit H and LOVE IT! its great bag, multi use and the fact that it carries a ton is great!!

  9. LH - one on display at my boutique - it is gorgeous and looks very functional!
  10. You sound like you really like the mini lin Noe.....I'd say go with your gut! :smile:
  11. mini lin noe! def!
  12. I woould say hampstead, but it looks like you have a saleya, so close. Min lin, fabric scares I guess the lock it!
  13. I have the LH and really like it! Easy to carry and very functional!
  14. I LVoe you guys!!!! :heart::love: I'll let you know my decision soon and will post pics when I get the bag!!!

    :flowers:Thanks for your help!!! :tender:
  15. I would have said the Hampstead to but with the salaya, then I would say the lockit.