1. I've been shopping around on eBay and other such sites, (I know thats a no-no and I could easily get burned by purchaseing a fake) But I wanted to make sure that some of these handbags are what they say. Here's the delema I'm having:
    :shrugs:I saw a purse on one site, (It's supposedly a "classic" model of the chanel bags, the flap kind) Anyways, it was only 138 dollars, but when I checked eBay, I saw some differences. Not only was it more expensive, it also had leather woven through the chain. The other chain was just plain gold. From looking around, I've noticed that most purses that don't have the leather woven chains seem to be fake. Is this theory true?
    I'd really love to get some great advice because I'm eager to start purchaseing. Thanks.
  2. If you saw a Chanel purse anywhere for $138 I can guarantee it's fake.

    Some Chanel flap bags have leather interwoven in the chain, and some do not. It is not an indication of authenticity.

  3. If you want to try to get a bag below retail try ebay, but just make sure you get it authenticated here before bidding...any authentic chanel is going to be at least over $500 from what I have seen...
  4. anything retail will be $895 and up - average being around $2k.