Comme des Garcons Wallet Lookalikes, Less Expensive Alternatives?

  1. I'm trying to help a young college student find a wallet in the same style as this small zip-around square/rectangular style by Comme des Garcons, but less expensive:

    Any ideas will be appreciated!
  2. Thanks, passerby --probably up to $100. She wants zipper only (i.e., no flap, buckle, etc.)
  3. ah, the CdG zippered wallet- always a classic! Good luck in your search.
  4. Thanks. I had found those Tusk wallets too. I think they're a good alternative. Passerby, you should start your own blog with all the research you do and share. Thanks again.
  5. ValleyOppressed, when I first read your signature, I thought it said, "I don't get IN bed for anything less than LV!" :smile: I had to look twice!:graucho:
  6. how much is the comme des garcons wallet that you have to get an alternative?
  7. Rolfs rocks! It's an old company, like since 1912 or something, and their stuff lasts forever, and miraculously continues to look new through years of daily use and abuse.

    And $19.99 sounds like it's on the high end of their prices. My cigarette case was $8 and my cardholder $11, (from boscovs) or maybe the other way around...