Coming to LA.. what should I hit?

  1. Hi I am coming to LA next week, I am doing 3 days with my 4 year daughter in Disneyland and then have 3 days to shop. I will have a car but will be staying in Anaheim. Where oh where should i go? are the Cabazon Outlets worth it? And also I was thinking of W. Third Ave, Melrose and maybe the fashion district on Saturday morning.. any suggestions??
  2. Cabonzon is worth a try, not so much about fashion district.

    There is also Camarillo Outlet.

    Day one: South Coast Plaza
    Day two: Beverly Center, The Grove, Robertson Blvd, Melrose Ave.
    Day three: Cabazon
  3. hmm i suggest robertson and melrose...the fashion district on a saturday morning is good because there are one or two stores that sell legit prada, gucci, and dolce..soo its always good if u have sum serious time to kill...but i luuv melrose...robertson has some good stuff too! if u like outdoor malls then the grove is good! South coast is much like century city plaza so it never hurts to try! ENJOY UR STAY IN LA!
  4. I agree with this except the Beverly Center. I think its turning into a dump. Try to go to downtown Pasadena. All of these are quite far from each other though so I guess I would do it this way:

    Day One: South Coast Plaza (closest to Anaheim)
    Day Two: The Grove
    Day Three: Pasadena

    The desert outlets are way the hell out there.

  5. which stores in the fashion district sell legit bags?
  6. The Grove often has kids stuff planned. I would call them to find out thier schedule. South Coast Plaza has a merry go round, too. Not much for children on Robertsom & Melrose. I think Beverly Hills has a trolley on Rodeo Drive on Saturdays, not sure what time. If you go to BH, try Tom's Toys on Beverly.
  7. Since you're going to be in Anaheim I would say definitely go to South Coast Plaza, its probably about 20 minutes away. I agree with everyone on the fashion district, I personally have yet to see authentic bags sold there, you'll find a lot of fakes there. Old Town Pasadena is fun too! And if you really want to go to some outlets, the Citadel outlets are much closer than Camarillo, but you won't find any high end stuff there. Have fun on your trip!
  8. I think the Cabazon Outlets is worth it, ONLY if you plan to spend a night at the Palm Desert. Last time it took us 4 hours to drive back from Cabazon to LA, with your 4 year old, unless she is a heavy sleeper or you have a DVD player in your car, I'd say no.
  9. well I live in Pasadena (about 30 mins from Anaheim) maybe i can help.

    1. Old Town Pasadena
    It has low to middle end shops (forever 21, H&M, Tiffay & Co., Urban Outfitters, GAP, Banana Republic, Jcrew, ABS...and that's about it...there's a shoe store called NEO 39 but they only sell casual shoes, saucony, converse..

    2. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (only a few blocks from Robertson)
    There you'll find LOTS of high end stores as well as some cheaper ones: Neiman Marcus, Saks, Barneys New York, YSL, Hermes, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Dior, LV...just to name a few. Cheaper brands would be the GAP, Bebe and such

    3. 3rd St. Promonade in Santa Monica
    You would probably have some fun here with ur daughter since they have the rides going on there and all. For the most part the stores here are cheaper...Banana Republic, Jcrew, Aldo Shoes, GAP, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie...

    if you want to hit up specific stores and need to know where, when and how u are welcome to PM me.
  10. ^^^oooh yeah the Promenade! I forgot about that. Thats a good one too and you can just walk to the beach/Santa Monica pier where theres stuff for kids to do...
  11. I think it depends on what you're looking for... if you're looking for traditional shopping, the Beverly Center, the Grove, Old Town Pasadena and the 3rd st Promenade will fit the bill. If you want high end, go to Rodeo Drive or South Coast Plaza. If you want funky, go to Melrose. And if you want high end discount, go to Cabazon if you can handle the drive... the Gucci and Dior outlets are located there, amongst other high end outlets. Camarillo to me is like any other outlets throughout the US. The fashion district reminds me of Canal st in NYC.
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  13. Hrm, I wouldn't do Cabazon, especially since your time is very limited and if you have a 4 year old. Its so hot there and IMO, there's not much for me there except a Coach outlet and Cosmetics Company. If you have plenty of time, its worth a go but to make the most of your time, I would skip it. Its FAR.

    I HIGHLY recommend Fashion District on Saturday morning if you like cheap shopping. I always feel like I'm in a different country when I go there. Keep your 4-year old close if you decide to go. I went with a few friends and it was quite an experience!

    I'm not too familiar with LA but I know about OC. The great thing about Anaheim is that you are close to SO many malls. The are all in very close proximity so you can hit about 4 malls the day you go to South Coast Plaza. (gosh, I miss that about socal!!) There's Irvine Spectrum off the 405S its only about 10 min further down the freeway and is a really nice place to walk around. Also, Fashion Island is also nearby but its closer to Newport. Its another very nice outdoor mall and the Koi Pond is beautiful. I'd never seen such a nice mall the first time I went there. Your 4-year old would like the pond very much. As a grown woman, I myself was in awe. If you want to go even further down the freeway from spectrum (about 10-15 min) theres also Lagunda Mall and Mission Viejo Mall. All are off the same freeway. Theres also the Block which is right next to you in Anaheim but its not as nice as the spectrum. HTH.
  14. Cabazon with a four year old would be rather nightmarish, I think. I've found some good deals there, but I tend to hit it fast and strategically on the way back from a Palm Springs or desert camping trip, because my family's tolerance for it is very low.

    I'm iffy on a lot of Melrose, but I love the section west of Fairfax, which would lead you right over to Robertson, which is my favorite!

    Thumbs up on the Grove for kids and mommies. But you should know in advance that there is an American Girl store there and plan accordingly. It is impossible to miss it - there will be many girls walking around with their dolls and even the most oblivious child will soon sense that something is up. Be sure to schedule a chunk of time to gaze adoringly at the wonderful world of Kit, Molly and Samantha. Resistance is futile.
  15. I live 30min from the Cabazon outlet & it's a hit or miss (like most outlets). But IMO it's one of the best ones. There's tod's, ysl, gucci, prada, barney's, Saks, burberry, dior, etro :drool::drool::drool: to name a few. If you decide to make the drive, I suggest coming in the morning when it's cooler. It's in the high 90's-low 100's right now. If you decide to come later in the afternoon, bring a light jacket as it gets really really windy. I'm sure you won't be looking all day long so I would suggest going to Palm Springs afterwards (about a 20-25min drive). You can take your daughter to the tramway & look around downtown. The traffic back to Orange County won't be that bad since you are going against traffic. I make the drive 1-2 times a week :cursing:. it's only in the riverside area for about 10min or so. The drive to LA is much worse. But try not to do the outlet on a Sat, because the parking is a nightmare!!! If you have any questions you can pm me. Have a fun trip!