Coming to a sad realization....

  1. When going to add the Ali into my signature graphic, I realized I am starting to get quite a collection. I've had to think about what I use versus have. I think I am going to sell a few bags off. I have a friend who is gaga over the LE hippie and wants to buy her off of me (for what I paid for her) and I almost never use her. I think if I ever get a Bleeker flap, I will never use the hippie at all. So I think I am going to sell the hippie to my friend (and I'll still get to see her). The other bag I never seem to use is my denim shoulder bag so I think I'm going to eBay it and the matching wallet. I've been thinking about it for a while but now I can feel even better about the Ali if I sell some bags to make room for her and pay for her. Does that sound reasonable??? :yes: :crybaby:
  2. It does (sound reasonable)...but give it a chance to settle in. Unless you feel like you are really in financial straits, you could be reacting to your recent purchase(s). It doesn't sound like your friend is in a hurry to buy, so maybe wait a day or two and make sure that your decision is really final.

    I only say this because more than once I have reacted to a new purchase (especially one that was on the pricey side for me), only to have some major regrets after selling. If you give it a day or two, at least you can consider if you would ever purchase something like your hippie or your denim shoulder bag. If so, it's probably cheaper to keep than re-buy later.

    But I know how liberating it is to truly enjoy a bag - so if selling some of your unused stash makes you feel better mentally (and financially), then do so - just make sure you aren't reacting to your new buys...
  3. I sold off some bags I never used to make room for the ones I do love. Plus I want to branch out to accessories as well so I can't have a million bags just sitting in my closet. I pared it down to two bags, so I don't think that you're unreasonable at all for getting rid of bags that you never use! :tup:
  4. I try to keep my bag collection down for that exact reason! I am really getting into accessories now, so I am focusing more on those rather than bags. But I have a few bags on my Christmas list:graucho:
  5. hahaha that really made me laugh, like youre selling your beloved dog or something. but i think thats a really good idea. you would still be able to see it and appreciate it and know that its going to someone who isnt going to treat it like garbage! do it! :tup:
  6. I would think about it for a few more days.. You wanted that Scarf Hippie SOOO bad!! I don't want you to regret selling it. I sold my red patent ergo that I thought I would never use and I want it back now!!!
  7. Definitely give it a couple days but if you really don't see yourself using a few of the bags you acquired, sell them. I do the same thing, and although it is hard to put them on eBay or sell to a friend I know it's the right thing to do!
  8. you sell the LE I'll hurt you!!!!

    well no not really, but don't give her up!!!
  9. OK OK...:lol: I'll think about the hippie some more. My friend will take it off of my hands anytime (in her words!):lol: But I think in the meantime I think I will eBay the denim shoulder bag. I don't feel a strong attachment to it at all. It's cute but I don't see myself needing to replace it. That seems like a good compromise for now...
  10. I know exactly what you mean..I start to feel like this, too, sometimes! It's just crazy, but I get to a point where I can't have too many bags. Even picking up what I did at the outlet this weekend --and I'm only keeping the Mandy as the other bags are for other people--makes me feel like I need to weed through my other bags, and I only have a few!

    I think we go through periods where we get overwhelmed. Maybe sit down and think about 1) which ones you really love AND will really use.

    I heard a tpfer give great advice by taking all your bags out and comparing them. Pick your top three bags and then take the rest and say "between these two, I love this one more," and then sell/return those that don't make the cut.

    Hope this helps!
  11. i totally get this. we are moving in feb, and i did a real good culling of my closet. i donated my old DB (which had a few scrathces) and a lot of my old roots, danier, aldo type bags to charity. i m now down to a reasonable collection i will love and use.
  12. I am the same way... but I don't have a big collection because I am always returning or selling to get the next bag. I am just not a bag switcher and I add up the money and not only do I feel guilty but I don't want to have that much money in bags... I would think about it before doing anything rash and then sell the one or more that you know you can do without. Good Luck! ;)
  13. I understand the hurt in getting rid of a bag. I have attachments to some of mine. I have some bags that I don't use very often but won't get rid of because I got them for such a great price. Besides, I'm the type that won't use an older bag for a year and then suddenly it will become my favorite again.

    But it's understandable to get rid of older bags to fund new ones.

    Am I allowed to ask you to PM me your eBay link if you do post some up? I think I've seen on some other threads that it's a no-no here but I honestly can't remember...? I just don't trust eBay sometimes because of how many fakes are posted up there. But I trust fellow tPF'ers.
  14. Promoting auctions is a no-no according to the rules. I did try to get approved for the marketplace but I never heard anything :sad:
  15. I'd let the denim shoulder go and it sounds like you've already decided to do so. That decision came pretty quickly so I'd be confident about it.
    Now about the LE Hippie, we're talking about that pretty pink one, right? Yea, I'd think about that one before I let it go b/c it's irreplaceable. Plus couldn't it possibly increase in value over time since it is LE? Maybe pass on the bleeker flap and keep the rare hippie?
    Hope this helps!