Coming soon????

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  1. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share some good news with all you iPhone and iPad users, I just had an email off Louis vuitton telling me that their collections will be added shortly to all tablet and mobile devices. That means we will be able to view and buy stock soon off our mobile devices.

    I know my iPad is getting very excited:biggrin:
  2. Was just about to make the same thread... Haha! :smile: so excited!
  3. Woohoo! Finally!
  4. Lol:biggrin: I was so excited couldn't wait
  5. do they give a time-line for it to start??
  6. All tablet and mobile as in just iPhone and iPad? No Android devices?
  7. Sorry no time listed, they only said- The "collections" section where you are able to browse our products will be coming soon.
  8. No it said on all mobile devices:biggrin:
  9. Finally! I hate not being able to see things on my mobile, we are so spoiled in their day and age!
  10. Omg you made my day!!! I'm always trying to load from my phone lol. My husband won't be thrilled. He already thinks me having tPF app on my phone is bad enough lol!
  11. Got the same email! Excited!!! :smile:
  12. It's about time!
    It sucks not being able to view the collections whenever I use my iPad...ugh.
    I hope they do it soon...
  13. This means trouble....trouble:woohoo:
  14. got the email too! so excited, I think it's by the time they have it. we've been waiting so long for this to happen
  15. Most likely will be getting iPhone 5 in march/april next year. A great new app for my new phone then!