Coming soon to Saks & a pic

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  1. My SA, Delyse, just gave me a requested update on the Saks orders and sent me a pic of a few new things. Call her at 248-515-1126 if you are interested or have any questions. Please tell her April referred you. :smile:
    Don't have bag names, just descriptions, and this is all I know. Coming soon:
    wallet on chain with butterfly charms $2025
    Valentine's bag with charms in coral, blue and black $2595
    red jumbo caviar flap $3195 (color code 81665)
    ultimate executive bag $2850 in dark navy & black
    mademoiselle lock bag $2395 in coral & purple
    vintage bag w/ mademoiselle closure $2375 in black lamb
    double entry bag in black & white $2525
    cerf in black w/white piping or pink w/ coral piping $2895
    classic flap in green & red (color code 81665) $2695
    bubble quilt in red

    And a pic she sent of a navy classic flap, off-white classic flap & off-white camera bag (I think that's what it is not sure). All with silver h/w. Do not know prices.

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  2. Thanks for intel and the pics! Nice to see those whites -- makes me think of spring (and can't wait til the thaw).
  3. Thanks for the info.
    [red jumbo caviar flap $3195 (color code 81665)]
    Jumbo is priced at $3195?
  4. what's the ultimate executive bag? and are there now two styles, the executive and the cerf (i thought the cerf was changed to the executive)? and why is the red jumbo so expensive -- are all jumbos going up or is there something special about this one?

    thanks april!
  5. Hmmm...not sure about jumbo pricing or the executive bags. Try calling Delyse. I scribbled this down the other day while doing 10 other things and I might have something mixed up. Sorry. :shame:
  6. Good question! Did they increase the price of this jumbo AGAIN? Good LORD!:confused1:
  7. Ooh, I like the sound of the WOC w/butterfly charms, but I wonder if the charms are on the bag (like Lucky Charms) or if they are hung from the chain (like the new Valentine bags). Either way, look at that price!
  8. Yoga, I agree the WOC sounds cute but over $2000, wow.

    I wish they had that off white classic flap when I got mine. I do love mine, but it has the new chain.
  9. $2025 for the WOC? WTH? Those charms better be made of precious metals....
  10. Thanks for the intel^
  11. $3195.00 is the price for the new lambskin maxi bag which is basically an XL jumbo.
  12. that would explain it -- i was confused by the description "red jumbo caviar flap"
  13. in the back ground,theres a dark red colour flap bag on shelf,small and large do you know the colour code for that red colour,thanks,is the red code for the new orange red flap,or the one in background?,thanks
  14. I don't know the color code, but Delyse will. I posted her number above, but here it is again 1-248-515-1126.
  15. Thanks for the information - I am very interested to see what the Cerf with piping looks like.