Coming Soon... Quilted Lambskin Paraty

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  1. hey all!

    just want to share...

    in search for my 1st Chloe, i contacted NAP and asked about upcoming Paraty colors apart from what are currently available and received this...


    color is said to be taupe. if only actual texture can be felt on pictures! :amuse:

    that's all folks! :biggrin:

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  2. It's a gorgeous bag! I've seen it in Selfridges in the UK but in a lighter colour - not sure what the colour was actually called, but something like a buttermilk. Beautiful to touch but I was slightly worried about getting ingrained dirt in the quilted leather and not being able to clean it properly. Also the price was more than I wanted to pay at the time. But it is a lovely bag!
  3. that's lovely.
    Were there any other colour paratys mentioned?
  4. soo cute thnx for the info.
  5. Thanks for the pics and info... I am looking forward to your first Chloe reveal ;)
  6. #6 Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
    ^still on a search! :shame: ...eta: congrats on your chanel!

    rachiem, sorry, no further info.

    carrie, sounds divine though! :tender:

    welcome all!
  7. gorgeous,and I prefer lambskin more than calfskin.But it's too expensive for me.
    Thanks for your share.
  8. it's available now
  9. ^ Yep I had a good old drool over it on NAP today !!! :biggrin:
  10. oh nooo.... its gorgeous... extra pocket, cute stud details, lambskin - yumeh! must must resist!
  11. gorgeous! off to check it out on NAP.
  12. thanks for posting OP!

    does anyone know if other retailers are carrying this style besides NAP?