Coming out of Lurkdom to post my collection

  1. I just started collecting in May so it isn't big but I love all of my purchases so far :heart::heart:
    IMG_1471_32_1.JPG IMG_1473_34_1.JPG IMG_1456_25_1.JPG IMG_1462_27_1.JPG IMG_1467_30_1.JPG
  2. Thanks so much for posting!!! I love your collection- and those shoes are TDF!

    Welcome to the forum!! We hope you love it here and we hope to see more of you :welcome:
  3. oh no they do NOT have the denim shoes! shiiiizzit! i must have those!

    oh, and awesome collection btw :smile:
  4. honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, the King of Prussia store just got them in the other day and I was all over them lol.

    ETA: Thanx Megs :smile:
  5. Of course!! Just love those shoesssss :drool:
  6. That is a huge collection for only 2 months along! Congrats and welcome, I just came out of lurking too, but nobody seems to care! :smile:
  7. Beautiful....thanks for coming out of lurkdom!!
  8. I know, my cc is frowning at me as I type :p

    Thanx for the welcome :smile:
  9. I love your collection and the matching shoes! Too cute!!! You have great variety in signature. I am in :heart: with those denim flats! :drool: I wish they made that style in a wedge. I am too short to wear flats lol.

    Have you looked at getting any leather pieces? I recently got into the leather and i love the feel of it.
  10. nice collection! love the denim collection.
  11. Hi Beautifro and welcome to tpf... All that since May? Quite an impressive collection you have! :yes:
  12. What a great collection so far!!!! Everything I'd gorgeous and I lovee all of your flats!
  13. beautifro, great collection and welcome to tPF.

    Your chocolate Carly is beautiful.. you have some really great pieces!
  14. I LOVE your collection!! Especially the denim pieces!!
  15. Love the choc. Carly, and the black Carly, and the legacy ....okay, love it all! :smile: Great collection!!