Coming out 2012 Monogram Vernis Rayures...

  1. Hey guys!!!!

    i was looking at one of the blogs and this guy from singapore was talking about a new bag that LV was going to produce, launching in Valentine's Day....

    it is the LV Vernis Monogram Rayures.....

    Heres the link for the alma bb and i dont know what it is but it looks cool :biggrin:

    What do you guys think about this..... personally if it wasnt in a red/pink pattern i might consider buying it.... but i dont really like the alma so i think i wont buy it, but i will get the luggage tag thing.... :biggrin:

    tell me what you guys think about it... :biggrin:
  2. Better pictures at this TPFers site, especially of the Bijoux-like case that I peeped at the other link on the Vernis thread. I prefer this line in Amarante - although I love love love Pomme, the pink kills it for me.
  3. I love the keychain =)
  4. ohhhhh soo pretty i have to get that heart coin purse thing and the tag thing as well... they are so pretty... it would go so well with the rayures noe :biggrin:
  5. The pink-on-pink action is too much for me but I am glad to see the re-introduction of the round Ecrin. Great for watches when traveling (or not.) The used to come in Epi, but have been MIA for years. [​IMG]
  6. I saw on another site that there will also be a zippy wallet and zippy coin purse. I think I will get the zippy coin purse, too cute!
  7. Love the zippy and Sarah!!!! Will definitely get one!!! Very excited about this release!!!!!
  8. Oh my... I'm SO tempted to get the zippy coin! I wish there was another bag besides the Alma. It's a nice looking bag, but just isn't really ME... :/
  9. i just recently learned about this... and wanted to know more... can anyone assist in this inquiry? it looked so pretty!

    thanks all! and happy new year!
  10. I know! It looks so gorgeous.. But I didn't see any Rayure Vernis on display earlier.. Unless they have them in the back. Can't wait for LV to release them in US.
  11. It came out on 1st Jan in Singapore. They have both pomme d'amour and amarante. Designs include Alma bb, wilshire pm, cosmetic pouch, zippy wallet, sarah wallet, heart shape coin pouch, luggage tag and one more round coin purse.
    Hope the above info helps. ;)
  12. I love this - I actually might buy something from LV this year :smile:
  13. I've heard as early as January 13, 2012 in the US on the boards, however I haven't been able to confirm that in a store yet...:sad:
  14. I've heard Jan 13 from the Vegas City Center and my Boston store. Just pre-ordered an Alma BB, Sarah, and mirror case. So excited!!