Coming into the world of Chanel; My Introduction

  1. Hey you guys!

    Im Sophia. I have always been an avid collector of Louis Vuitton, but truthfully, Im falling off the bandwagon.

    I went out to a Chanel botique today and fell in love with the class and timelessness of Chanel. I need a break from Vuitton, and Chanel is perfect.

    Just a little about me, Im on the east coast, but am always in California. I model in NYC and am still a high school student, sophmore year. Los Angeles is for film auditions and what not.

    Hope I can learn everything there is to learn about Chanel, Im looking in to purchase a classic bag soon.

    Hope you guys can welcome me!

    Sophia. :heart:

  2. Welcome and good luck finding the perfect Chanel!
  3. Welcome! There are lots of incredible reference threads within the regular Chanel and Chanel Shopping forums, and I highly recommend reading everything in these forums! It is truly the best Chanel resource on the web!

    And I think once you fall in love with Chanel, you're hooked. BIG TIME! Don't say I didn't try to warn you! :p

    Looking forward to seeing what you eventually choose as your first Chanel! Keep us posted!
  4. Welcome. I hope you find the perfect Chanel!
  5. Welcome! Good choice on moving up to Chanel. It's a really addicting brand lol. Let us know what your first purchase is!
  6. Thanks you guys!

    You guys are awesome!

    Im eating a late dinner and looking through the reference library right now!
  7. sophia !!!!:yahoo:so wonderful to see you here!!!! :girlsigh::heart:miss you and i'm so happy to see your beautiful is perfect for you!:yes: look around and see what you like and we'll be sure to help you out....:tup:
  8. Hi welcome Sophia, yes, spend some time at the Chanel reference library, there are tons of pics... hope it'll help you in purchasing your first Chanel..keep us posted ya...
  9. Hey Mick!

    I have missed you too, such a refreshing feel to be in the Chanel forum!
  10. Hi and welcome! I have to say I think we have the best looking gals here at the Chanel forum...
  11. curious to see what styles you are attracted to...have fun!;)
  12. Welcome to the chanel family! Hope you post your 1st chanel bag here when you found one~~
  13. Welcome Sophia !nice to have you here!Good luck with your decision! you can't go wrong with a Chanel!
  14. Haha! Aww, your are too nice!
  15. Welcome! I'm sure you'll find something you like. Chanel really has a lot of different type bags to choose from. Yet they are all classic/classy in some way. Good luck!