Coming For Fall

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  1. Here's a list of what CHANEL is coming out with for Fall/Winter 2007 for Nordstrom Mall of America.

    2.55 Reissues:

    226 - Dark Silver, Light Silver, Metallic Black
    227 - Black Metallic

    Grand Shopping Tote:

    White Caviar with Silver Hardware
    Black Caviar with Silver Hardware
    Navy Caviar with Silver Hardware
    Dark Bordeaux with Silver Hardware

    Medallion Tote:

    Navy Caviar with Silver Hardware
    Dark Bordeaux with Silver Hardware

    Jumbo Flaps:

    Black Patent
    Navy Patent
    White Caviar with Silver Hardware

    Modern Chain:

    4 styles (including original) in Dark Brown or Black

    Lady Braid:

    Navy Blue

    Diamond Stitch:


    Timeless Classic Clutch:

    White Caviar
    Black Patent

    Classic Flaps:

    Black Patent
    Black Alligator
    Dark Brown Alligator

    Coco Cabas:

    Original Baby Cabas Black or Khaki
    North/South Cabas Black

    **CHANEL really has some great pieces coming out this fall. It will be hard to choose if you are looking for just one fall piece.
  2. OMG! Black alligator? Sounds fabulous, but I'm sure I can't afford it. :sad:((
  3. It is going to retail for $24,950.
  4. ugh..I want a bordeaux bag in the WORST way..LOL..LOVES that color!
  5. I think the Grand Shopper is Bordeaux will be a great piece.
  6. Thanks for the info! That bordeaux and navy sound gorgeous.
  7. yay i'm so glad i didnt trap myself into buying a GST pre price increase. i am dying to see a pic of the bordeaux GST! will the price still be $1895? tia~
  8. The navy patent jumbo flap is yummy... Wait.. what hardware? gold or silver?
  9. How do we get on the waitlist?
  10. Will there be a PST in navy blue with silver hardware? Also how much would it be? TIA
  11. How much is the 2.55 reissue 226 size? is it $2350?
  12. Chanelboy,

    Will there be any 2.55 reissue gold size 227 available?
  13. Chanelboy, when will this be available? I want this too...
  14. The only 2.55 reissues are the ones that I posted. There are also releasing a version of the 2.55 in satin that is called Coco's Croco. It is coming in purple and turqoise.
  15. yes