Coming Chanel Reissue 2.55

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  1. Girlzz ... we need to Post/ Discuss the new coming chanel reissue's ..

    i've heard they're gonna be : Dark White .. Burgundy and Silver/Metallic :weird: correct me if am wrong ..

    are there any other colors u girls heard they'r gonna produce?
    what about the prices?
    waiting list?
    date of release?

    :idea: am reallllly looking forward to have this thread one of the important ones + make it as a reference for relative information:idea:
  2. When I spoke to the manager at the Chanel Vancouver, she mentioned the colors for the new reissues were a cream( a beautiful color for winter she said) and bronze color (which she said was stunning). These are the colors she ordered for the boutique. In TFS forum, someone did mention that there is a burgundy as well.

    I don't know the official date of release but the manager was expecting sometime in August or September. I did put my name down at Chanel Calgary to give me a call when the new reissues arrive.
  3. wow, if they have the dark red/burgundy, i'm soo getting it. in fact, since it's about 4.5 months away, i can start saving now!!!