Coming back to LV!!

  1. A while back after joining this forum I decided to sell all my LVs for the trendy bags I saw carried by Nicole Richie...and of course now REGRET IT totally as I don't think the trendy bags are quite *me*. Now I've listed a ton of clothes and bags on eBay so that I can rebuy the ones I had :yahoo: I feel so good about this decision...I miss my LVs sooooooo much. Tell me I'm doing the right thing? The ones I want to get back are Cabas Piano, Papillon 26 or 30, Vernis Reade in Marshmallow to start :graucho:
  2. I love Marshmallow, excellent choice and welcome back to LV!
  3. you are absolutely doing the right thing welcome back!

    But Are sure you want to buy bags you already had why not try something totally new?
  4. Yeah I'm sure. They were so practical and handy...and I loved them. BUT of course I do want to get something new eventually LOL. Well not exactly new - I'd love to snag a cerises speedy or something from the discontinued cherry blossom line!
  5. I did the same thing last year, started buying 'it' bags but it was actually this forum that brought me back to LV for which I'll be eternally grateful! No 'it' bags now in my wardrobe - and luckily I hadn't sold all my LV's.

    Like Label Addict says though, why don't you try something new? Or when you get the money together go to the store and browse...:yes:
  6. Welcome back!:flowers:
  7. Welcome back, I could never eave LV. Love affair of the century LOL
    The cabas Piano is a great staple bag, others are great also but maybe like Label said try something new.
  8. Of course you did,welcome back!
  9. welcome back to LV!!!~ I think you're making a GREAT choice. ^_^ Let the LV obsession RE-begin for you. ^_^
  10. Welcome back to LV. Hope you like your LV's for a long, long time. Good luck with getting the pieces you are looking for.
  11. welcome back. cabas and papillon you have to get back.
  12. A wise move coming back to LV!:p
    Hope you can get the bags you want soon, and maybe some great new LV designs as well.:graucho:
  13. welcome back to our world again! :woohoo:
  14. Welcome back!
  15. Great decision!! LV is the best!!!