comicon 2007-san diego: who is going?

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  1. are any of you gals going? i saw a small mention of it in another thread. are you going soley to meet simone and have him sign your bags or are there other things you're interested in as well?

    my husband and i were talking about it in the car today. i'd LOVE to go but i don't know if our schedules will allow it. there are three reasons i want to go: meet ray bradbury (one of my idols and my favorite author ever), check out the star wars merch and meet simone! :heart::heart::heart:

    will they have toki stuff for purchase there? if so, do you have any idea what? probably clothes and hats and vinyl figures. will the plush be out by then?
  2. Ray Bradbury is an amazing guy, he lived in my area in CA, and gave some talks at the college I attended. You should definitely go! I'm not too certain about anything else though, never been to one of those meets.
  3. they had a booth last year but I wasn't into tokidoki then... they'll have one this year also so yupp apparently they had TONS of shirts last year so there's a chance for the same this year *crosses fingers* The plush still say "coming soon" and "pushed back to feb" which has definitely already passed so personally I dont know and I haven't heard any knews... I know adios and ciao ciao will be out by then and there might be the stationary/journals available *again crosses fingers*

    I personally will be going for my 4th time this year... ALWAYS tons of things to do... I never get to do everything I want :sad: altho this year I'm planning on standing in line once again for a bit to get signings and also buy exclusive vinyl toys from KR and others :yahoo: I basically used to only go for anime/movie premieres/sci fi booth but now I have so much more to do :Push: I hope I can at least get some stuff done
  4. When is it? :smile:
  5. late july? lol i don't remember for sure!

    i forgot about movie premiers! there will be lots of info about the golden compass there i bet, plus info about the star wars animated series and the clone wars live action series thing.

    i might need to go!
  6. AHHHHHH!!!!! It didn't even CROSS MY MIND that there'd be a premieres for the Golden Compass! Shooooot. That trilogy was a FAVORITE of mine and I thought it'd be SO COOL if it got turned into a movie! And now it is!!! Gah!!

    I am SO going to be there.

    And waiting in line to get my bags signed and meet Simone. ^_^
  7. sweet! if i can't go, i might bribe someone into getting me the star wars exclusive clone trooper bust! haha.

    i'm still holding out hope that hubby and i can make it down there for a couple of days. we already had plans to go to socal sometime next month if possible, so hopefully this will work out!
  8. if you ever need I'd be willing to pick up stuff for people :biggrin:
  9. I would really go.. if someone would go with me! haha I dont think my bf would be thrilled about going.. especially if involves going toki crazy :lol:

    Are all the hotels booked and whatnot? How much is it to go?
  10. hotels are probably booked or getting booked... check out the comic-con website here

    your best bet is getting a hotel around hotel circle or something and taking the trolley down... even better staying w/ someone nearby!

    it costs I think $55 for admission for all 4 days and stuff... last year the hotel I stayed at was $157 a night (I stayed one night) but this year I'm staying at my sis's apt since she now lives in San Diego w/in trolley traveling distance
  11. Ohhhh I see I see.. $55 isnt bad for 4 day admission but there's also the plane ride and 4 nights at a hotel @_@ Thats a lot of money there.. idk..
  12. The stuff they have for sale there, like say if it's toki shirts and vinyls .. is it all at retail price or is it all specially priced? Just curious. :smile:
  13. just talked to my sis and she agreed to let me stay at her house which is halfway between san diego and my house. So now I can go and not worry about having to drive home sooo far! Now if only I can talk her into watching the kids for me so I don't have to take them!
  14. the last time i went to the comic con was in 2001. was on a random vacation in San Diego and happened to go. It was a lot of fun then. Too bad I live in Lame Midwest.

    I may try next year at the Chicago one, not as cool, but i'll be living there!
  15. i wanna go but its right before my midterms =(