Comic Book Keyfob fit on Legacy Shoulder?

  1. I just found that ADORABLE keyfob on their website and I WANT IT! Huge comic book fan. I heard it was pretty friggin huge and I wanted to put it on my Legacy Shoulder bag but I wanted to know if it'll be too big for that? I guess I'm wondering is it going to drag on the ground if I put my bag down somewhere? I want it soooo bad but I want to be able to use it! :yahoo:
  2. i dont know but i WANT it tooo!! i reminds me of the old school Batman show from the 50ish time!!!
  3. photo


    this is so fun!
  4. Augh I shouldn't have without knowing but I just bought it on their site along with the Coach Perfume Solid! I found on the forum that a lot of you guys prefered the smell of the solid to the spray and the case is SO CUTE! I'm a bad girl. :graucho:
  5. I need this! I wanted something fun for when I just carry a wallet and not cles.
  6. I got this adorable keychain yesterday and it's even cuter in person its all a shiny patent leather...I'm not sure which Legacy shoulder bag you are talking about but here is the Legacy shoulder bag that I have that I attached the keychain to last night to see how it will look...Im getting a bigger bag just for this keychain because it is HUGE in person and IMO i just think it will look cuter on a larger bag...:yes:

  7. Eep! It is SO cute! Yup thats the bag! Mines the leather Whiskey but I just wanted to see the size difference. I'm SO excited to get it!!!
  8. Thanks! and I think it will look really cute on your whiskey leather bag!:yes:
  9. OMG i want it sooo bad now!!!
    it is tooo cute!!!
  10. Thanks! And you wont regret getting it,'s even cuter in person! :love:
  11. That is so cute.
  12. Ohhh!! That would be awesome on my Carly!!! Good thing PCE is coming up!!
  13. I love it! I feel like it would look great on a large black bag. I definitely want it.
  14. i want that keyfob :sad:
  15. OMG! It is so different and fun! I can't believe how big it actually is...the size is deceiving on the website. It would definitely look cute on a big bag.