Comic Book Keyfob - Anyone have it?

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  1. This is so silly, but I adore that keyfob! But it is DOUBLE the price of all the other charms and fobs. I realize it is bigger and more complicated and CUTER, but it is still hard to swallow!

    So can anyone show me pics to convince me that I NEED that fob to go on my new white bag? Is it worth it?
  2. I remember someone on here bought it --- I saw it in the store and it is SO huge. Probably would look good on a big white bag though!
  3. I THINK Katrynar has it. I am sure she will post about it if she does. :yes:
  4. ^I agree, I think it was katrynar who bought it. I love it too it and I think I'm going to get it with the next PCE!
  5. For the people who have seen it in person, how big is it? It doesn't give measurements on and the boutique I go to didn't have it last time I went. I don't want anything too huge, but it looks so adorable in the pictures! Can anyone give or guess at the approximate drop on it?
  6. katrynar sure does have it, it's awesome.
    I seen it in person and the freakin thing is BIG..haha.
    BUT looks awesome on larger bags.
    It would overwhelm a small bag
  7. I have seen it in person and I think it's at least 6" long. I just checked the website and it doesn't give any dimensions.
  8. I think she posted pics with it hanging off a signature stripe tote in white and it looked FAB-U-LOUS...I love that fob too, but agree that $98 is a little much to stomach :lol:
  9. I HATE how expensive it is, but I think it would look AWESOME on a big white bag, you just might have to splurge!

    Are there any for a bit cheaper on ebay? Just a thought
  10. Have been trolling ebay for one for a few weeks...none on there as of yet :sad:
  11. I saw one like a month ago, if I ever see another one, I'll let you gals know

    ETA: I think it sold for MSRP anyway, for that you might as well just buy from coach since it's not sold out
  12. If you do a search for "comic fob", there will be a few threads that show pics of the fob on actual purses. (The thing is absolutely frickin' HUGE)
  13. 6 inches sounds about right.
  14. I have it and it is HUGE, from the top of the hook to the bottom it measures 7.5 yes it would look good on bigger bags I definitely agree with is a picture of mine the day I got it and another one I just took a few minutes ago on my signature white bag I got last year off of key ring is so much cuter in person, the colors are bold, the patent leather is super shiny and it does grab a lot of attention...I even noticed a young boy who didn't even look older than 4 years old looking at it, I thought that was so cute!:smile::love:

  15. ^^Looks great, bagologist!