Comfy soft maternity jeans?

  1. So, I'm a bit of a freak about jeans in general, even when I wasn't pregnant. I like them really soft and smooshy, and hate anything stiff or too thick. I seriously will go through the entire jean selection at NM, and pick maybe one pair to even bother trying on because everything is "too hard."

    So, of course, now the problem is worse than ever, since there's not as much selection. I'm having a hard time finding really, truly soft and comfy maternity jeans. I got a pair of Paige Laurel Canyon, since they're the best I found so far, and a pair of Citizens, but neither of them is quite as soft as I'd really like. Any recommendations? I've seen that some of the Serfontaine ones have a LOT of stretch in them, so was wondering if I might like those. Anyone tried those? Any other recommendations? I'd have to order online, and I feel like I'm constantly sending back packages, so would love some advice. TIA!!
  2. hi there i didn't buy any maternity jeans but instead i got a maternity linen pants and it's definitely softer than jeans :smile:. so maybe u can check out other maternity non-jeans clothes?
  3. I got a pair of Paige maternity jeans and they are so fantastic I'm going to use them postnatal as well.
  4. i love the habitual maternity jeans - they didnt have the band but it has the adjustable waist band that i find more comfortable than the tight, thick bands other designer maternity jeans had.

    i also love the Noppies maternity pants - although they're not jeans, they're casual, comfy and it comes in khaki, white, black, navy.
  5. I have found that I really like the Maternal America denim. I can't find the pair that I have... but these are somewhat similar, Maternity Clothes - Maternal America Contrast Stitch Maternity Jeans I have a few pairs of nice maternity denim, and these seem to be the ones that I find myself throwing on everytime I have to run to the store or something. Super comfy and soft. Good luck... jean hunting in general is such a pain, let alone maternity jeans! I feel your pain!!
  6. Thanks ladies! I just tried two more today, which are going back.
    AG lightweight denim - liked the fabric, hated the belly band
    J & Company - too heavy and stiff

    I have the Paige Laurel Canyon right now -- so far those are the only ones I like, so I may just get another one of those. I'll check out Maternal America and Habitual too. I have to return a bunch of stuff to babystyle and can only get store credit, so will probably use it for jeans.
  7. The ones I got from H&M were comfortable and stylish. Good luck on your search...
  8. I bought the Serfontaine jeans in my 1st trimester and am still wearing them now (34 weeks and ready to go!). I haven't had to go up a size - they are soft and stretchy! The "belly" band is also different from most jeans and pretty comfortable. I love their jeans so much that I also bought a denim skirt from them which has actually seen more use than the jeans even! The only other maternity jeans I've worn this time around are the Paige Laurel Canyon, which are a bit stiffer.

    Good luck with your search! I'd give Serfontaine a try - they sound like the pair that might make you happy. They are much softer than most but a little heavier though (which should be fine as it's colder over there anyway)
  9. I have a pair of Serfontaine's as well and like those too! Definately like the "sweater" type of belly band thing they use.
  10. Thanks hipnycmom and ILuvMyHusband! I was wondering about the Serfontaines in particular since they seem to have a lot of stretch. Do you by chance recall which style you have? The Low Pro seem to be really hard to get (sold out a lot of places), so hopefully it's one of the others...
  11. I got the low pro... bought them online from either Due Maternity or Bellydance MAternity. There were a lot of e-tailers carrying them early in my pregnancy but I did notice that many of them no longer carry the jeans. I'm not sure why.