Comfy: Rolando vs Decollete

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  1. Im thinking about getting the python rolando..but still concern about the comfiness..I just got myself a decollete and I think its do-able..haven't tried it for so long..only walking around the house for 30 minutes and I think its OK..Do you think I can make the rolando work? For all the ladies who owns both, which one is more painful? Thanks!
  2. While I don't find the Rolando painful, I do prefer the Decollete in terms of comfort.
  3. I have the python Rolando and they are uncomfortable for me. I have never tried the Decollete though.
  4. I find the Decollete to be more narrow than the Rolando, and the Rolando has a platform, so that helps.
  5. I find them both to be fine - but both do need 2-3 good wears to break them in first.
  6. Theyre both comfy to me. Just gotta break in the patent.
  7. Decollete is more comfortable for me. I found the toe box in the Rolando to squishy, however I only wore them out once and didn’t give them a chance to be broken in. It greatly depends on your feet, some women (besides VB!) swear Rolandos are comfy.
  8. rolando is def more comfy for me...decolletes kill me feet when i go out clubbing...i literally need to be carried out
  9. Personally I think they are both comfy, once broken in of course...keep in mind the new style Rolandos are different from last season, I recently bought the black patent rolandos and found the toe box is a lot smaller than last seasons therefore felt it was too tight even if I were to break them in, but to me, I wear my Decolletes to clubs and dinner with no problem... I've worn my Rolandos to dinners before and feel fine at the end of the night but because of the heel height and the platform, I would never wear it out dancing!

    But please....python rolandos (comfy or not) are soo TDF! :drool:
  10. I tried on the Decollete, and they are just not for me. Way way too narrow. I hear people say they are comfy, but they just weren't right for me. I pre-ordered black nappa rolandos from NM, but they won't be here for awhile...
  11. If you're getting the python Rolandos, I'd say forget comfort! ;)

    But seriously, I prefer Decollete in terms of comfort but I love the look of the Rolandos that I'll wear them out as long as it's not a lot of walking or dancing. The platform and the arch of the Rolando doesn't completely agree with the shape of my feet, so that's the only uncomfortable aspect.
  12. I haven't tried Rolando, but I did not find Decollete comfortable at all! Sitting down they were fine, but walking around - I could take 5 minutes MAXIMUM. Once we went out to the theatre and I actually had to go back to my hotel and change my Decolletes for something more comfortable as I was in so much pain! Like burning on the balls of my feet because there is no platform or anything.
  13. yeah so basically break in time period is decollete was killing me too the first 1 minute I wore mine for the first time but I kept wearing it everyday..and now its better..

    Yeah the rolando python is TDF and I think python is not as stiff as the patent.

    So, for the new rolando, should I stick with my decollete size or 1/2 size up since its narrower than the old version?
  14. I don't own the Rolando... I tried it on and it hurt. I can deal with a little pain but this was beyond something that would go away with breaking them in so I had to pass. :sad: Then again, the Ron Rons are also tight in the toe but for whatever reason, I found them much more comfortable.
  15. This is a little off topic...BUT why does my Louboutin box for my Rolandos have both the word Rolando AND Decollete on it?
    ie. [​IMG]