Comfy high heels

  1. I am going on a series of trips and i will be walking alot but i want to wear heels. i need advice on some comfy heels..maybe wedges? black preferably
  2. My favorite is Tod's but I think their style is a little more conservative compare to other brands like Jimmy Choo or Manolo.
  3. I would like to get some super comfy Hot heels too.
    I hope we get more suggestions :smile:
  4. Guess Carries and RSVP Luelas are both very comfy high heels - plenty of room for the ball of the foot.
  5. Heres 2 Carrie Reviews to show what I mean -

    Very SEXY!!! Great shoe, very sexy. I was a little nervous because this shoe has a 4 inch skinny heal, but I did great. They made my little legs look great. I love them so much, I'm buying another pair.


    Love the Guess Carrie - Cute shoe, great fit, and comfortable for a 4-inch heel. I usually don't buy heels this high but it's such a great look, I couldn't resist. I can see wearing my Carries to work and going out.
  6. I think Cole Haan makes very comfortable shoes, especially the nike air ones.