Comfy?? Dressy??

  1. Do you dress up all the time?? Do you ever wear what I call "hangout gear" in public?? Meaning a cute sweat outfit.....or cargos, and a tshirt...My grandmother and my mother will not leave the house unless they are made up and "dressed" ...I on the other hand will wear cargos and a cute top and dress it up with a killer bag and sandals. Maybe its a age thing...not sure...but I run into people that will say your mom is amazing..always just beautifully dressed and perfect. I say :wtf: no way will I do that to just run out to the store!! Now, if it s party or a night out..Im dressed to kill, but daily..I go for cute and
  2. I have what i call my Sunday clothes. which consists of sweats, jeans, t-shirts etc. which i only wear on Sunday's
    Monday to Saturday i'm dressed to the nines for work and dinner in the evening, whether its with my family or friends.
    If i come home from work to have dinner with my family, then i will usually make a quick change into something else.
  3. I hate dressing up !!!:yucky: (I teach group fitness classes for a living so that should tell you about MY attitre)

    I feel very constricted when I have to "look nice":s

    When I'm not in my workout attire I prefer jeans !:yes:
  4. Hm, it depends. with my baby I tend to wear comfy clothes but always in perfect condition - don't like tees and sweats, rather nice top and some comfy jeans. When I go somewhere I love to dress up, and for work I need to be dressed to the nines.

    At the moment though I work from home so comfy clothes most of the time.....
  5. Comfy cute, jeans w. sweater or dress, and tracksuit on sunday I wouldn't leave the house in it.
    I wished I was a bit dressier, but I can't be bothered, except to go out in the evening, then....what a transformation, it's like playing dress up.
  6. I always "dress up" when I leave the house. But I have sweats, jeans etc. that I only wear at home. But if I'm dressed up already, I don't see the point of changing into something else when I get home.
  7. Unless i'm feeling particularly crappy, i don't leave the house in a sweatshirt.. I much prefer to be more dressed up or 'dressy casual.' And you couldn't pay me to wear cargos, hehe.. i'm just not very comforable being dressed down like that.
  8. I LOVE my cargos as much as my dresses!! lol
  9. I love to dress up. But don't get me wrong, Alot of times, Im in a terry cloth zip up hoodie with sweats and a pair of sneakers. But I love to go out so I do get dressed up alot too.
  10. same for me!
  11. I usually wear casual clothing when I'm not working. I do a lot of work at home. When I go to work I'm usually in a suit and as soon as I get home I usually change into sweats or jeans or even my pj's if I'm not going out again. I only "dress up" to go to work or if I have a party that requires it. Often when I go out it's to casual places so I'll wear jeans. However, you won't ever catch me in public without makeup. Wouldn't want to give anyone a heart attack!
  12. I'm hardly ever "dressed up" but I'm not casual either. Somewhere in between. I basically wear outfits like the ones in my sig all the time.
  13. I guess I should say...I do not wear cargos from like the military or anything!! Mostly Da Nang, some are Diesel, or Lucky. For me they are perfect for running to the store, or general errands. I live on a tropical, easy going island so I just do not "dress" as I would when Im in the city. Really I love all clothes...but I dont think I will ever give up comfy clothes!!;)
  14. Outside of work I'm pretty casual. Not sweatpants but mainly jeans. I definetely don't like shopping in heels. Too hard for my feet! I do like to glam it up every once in awhile for parties, events, etc. . .
  15. I have to dress up for work, but in my spare time I either dress up or wear something more casual, depending on my mood. But I don't exactly mean sweatpants by "casual", more like jeans and a cute top or something.