Comfy clothes, sweats, and loungey things - good look for Balenciaga?

  1. I tend to dress my bbag up a bit - but I was wondering how it'd look if I was to go out all loungey-like with it :confused1:? Right now I'm comfy in white sweats and an aeropostale gray and light blue hoody. Would my black city work with this? Anyone dress down their bbags? Pics of/for the comfy and fabulous? ;)
  2. I think you can still pull it off -- as long as everything looks deliberate, not like you just didn't care! So the sweats have to fit like a dream, a tight T, a cashmere hoodie -- YEAH! You can definitely carry a b bag!
  3. These are the moments I whip out my canvas tote. Like today, taking dd, to the Doctor. I am totally sleep deprived. DD has a horrid intestinal bacterial infection that has been going on since Saturday. So, exhausted, I went to the Dr.'s office in a juicy sweat suit w/ my forever 21 canvas bag. I just couldn't work anything fabulous. Think good thoughts for us girls, I have to collect poo samples and take them back and they will NOT be carried in anything Balenciaga! My poor baby (she is 4, but still my 'baby') even said "Wait, where is your REAL bag?" !!! I am creating a serious fashionista. Good thing my other DD is a major tomboy and could care less!
  4. The sweat pants are pretty hot and do my figure justice ;). The hoody is less appealing...but do my big black Fendi sunglasses balance out the look? "Incognito glam"? :wlae:
  5. I'm the queen of dressing down...and a fabu B-bag is always on my arm. Today I went to Ikea with some dirty jeans, olive green tee shirt, gold havaianas, Ray-Ban aviators, my big ole sapin Work on my arm...and a "don't hate me cause I'm beautiful" attitude. :p
  6. Yes, I think bbags look great when you're lounged out. I always think the pics of the girls here or celebs with bbags dressed loungey look so cool.
  7. I do the same thing. I wear regular jeans, tshirt or hoodie(american eagle), flip flops(old navy) and carry my black city. I think it looks perfectly fine :tup:!!
  8. even Cameron Diaz takes her GH work to the gym!
    with a b-bag by your side, you always look good!
  9. Awww....I hope she feels better soon and you get some sleep!
  10. I actually feel like the BBags are soooo casual that they really look best with very casual clothes.
  11. Uh,'s not what you wear when you carry your BBag, it's how you carry the BBag you are wearing!
  12. ^I agree! I wear mine with EVERYTHING! The only time I don't carry it is when I'm going somewhere like the beach, where it just wouldn't be appropriate to carry a $1000+ bag, lol!
  13. I think a Bbag can look good dressed up or down. 90% of the time I can casual and I find it easy to wear a Bbag when I'm daggy or casual! I also love seeing all the celebs in their house clothes with a Bbag caught out in the street! LOL! My problem is being able to rock a Bbag to a glam function. It happens very rarely, but I am hopeless at matching a Bbag with formal attire
  14. Love ya style HighGloss!
  15. I'm sending major healing vibes your way <hug>. I know she'll feel better very soon... then you'll be rockin' your Bbags once again :yes: