Comfy but dressy shoes?

  1. I am looking for some comfy yet pretty shoes that won't kill my feet if I am walking aorund a lot. I am going to NYC soon and I am going to walok around and shop til I drop. The thing is, I hate shopping in tennis shoes because pants won't fit right, they are too casual for what I tend to wear, and I am a lil clumsy in flat shoes (I wear high heels alllll the time.) I need a pump style with a modest heel, and either round or pointed toes, and excellent support. I can probably spend up to $250 on a pair. Any suggestions? thanks much!!
  2. Oprah showcased the Cole Haan-Nike pumps and swears they are very comfortable. They have some nice styles. I'm looking for comfortable pumps for NYC, too.
  3. They are cute! And they do look comfy with all the extra support on top. Thanks for sharing!