Comfortable walking shoes without looking like a tramp


Sep 4, 2006
Hi girls

Any suggestions for walking shoes which can be worn with office clothes for the commute to work? I have decided to give up on the Tube (London) and walk instead, but hate the "Nikes" with office suit look (it seems like a New Yorker thing too?)

Something comfortable and won't wreck my feet in the long-term but not fashion-kamikaze! Someone suggested Hogan shoes which are supposed to be comfortable - is that right? :wlae:
How about simple flats ? or ballerinas in soft leather ? That´s what the Parisians do, that white Nike trainers /suit combination I have only seen it in London. Otherwise I know that Nike does some foldable ones easy to put in your bag, and very cool in black. I personally don´t mind the trainers as long as they´re not white, and have that "urbanwear" feel.
I saw a pair of flats by Cole Haan that were designed to be walking shoes. It said something about being made with "Nike technology" or something like that. I'll poke around and see if I can find them, but my usual haunts are BG, NM, Saks, Nordies and Bloomies so it was on one of their sites.

Update: Weeee! I found it! You may not like this particular style/color, but from the description, his "G Series" all are made to be more like regular (ugly) walking shoes.

I may check into these myself. Since my back surgery, I'll be in flats for a loooooooooong time to come.:crybaby:

Cole Haan - Cherbourg Ballerina Slipper - Neiman Marcus
prada psycho is right, a cole haan makes "g series," a line of shoes that are fairly fashionable looking while still having nike cushioning and support in the soles. i have a pair of cole haan flats that aren't "g series" but still have the nike support and they're very reasonable for walking and i've recieved a ton of compliments on them.
i recently got the tory burch reva flats. They are probably the most comfy flats I own! I usually wear Marc by Marc Jacobs or Coach flats and the Tory Burch are more comfy than those.