Comfortable & Stylish but Conservative Work Flats

  1. Hi everyone,

    I work at a very conservative, old school firm so I'm looking for some comfortable and conservative BUT stylish work flats. Do these exist?

    Please share your thoughts and post pics if you can! :flowers:
  2. Try Tory Burch...they are comfy and simple but the metal emblem dress them up. Good luck!!!
  3. agreed.

    TB or lanvin, but i agree the hardware on the TB amp up the work factor.
  4. Try Repetto, if you can find them. Repetto also makes dance shoes (think ballet and ballroom dancing) so they're very well constructed.
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  6. I think that ballet flats would be out for your type of work environment.

    I would suggest low-heeled shoes rather than ballet flats for work. Salvatore Ferragamo makes wonderful, classic styles that are crafted in Italy.



    I also think that Tod's would be a good brand for you - these shoes are a touch more casual but could still work:

  7. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone!! Fan addict, low heels is a great suggestion, I might just go that route. Love the suggestions for flats! Maybe I will just get some of them for everyday wear anyway. :yes:
  8. Nancerelle - I second the idea for low heels! I have a pair of Ferragamo's in 1.5 inches that I wear ALL the time. They are so classic and conservative, you don't have to worry about them going out of style. Ferragamo's run TTS, in case you have to order online
  9. I got a really nice, comfy yet pretty pair of flats by Sofft the other day at Nordstroms. They look really nice (I got the patent leather style) but also quite comfy since my feet tend to hurt easily in lesser comfy styles.

    Hang on while I get a pic...
  10. many cute options! Thanks everyone! I think I may have to get a few more pairs of work shoes than originally planned! ;)
  11. I just got my first pair or Tory Burch and they are VERY comfy! I was surprised when I put them on that they would feel that comfy.