Comfortable high-heel knee-high boots?

  1. Hey guys -

    I'm LOVING the whole skirt + knee-high boots look for fall/winter. I'm trying to find the perfect pair that is versatile enough to wear with cute skirts and also under jeans....hence why I'm dying for a great pair of pointy-toe, high heel (stiletto heel is hot, but stacked relatively thin heels are hot too), knee-high boots. This seems like it should be a popular look, no? Any of you know any really fabulous ones that are also comfortable? I know wedge boots are probably more comfortable, but they definitely don't come in pointy toe (..or do they??)....hahahaha...

    I just bought Via Spiga "Wine" boots in black nappa, and they're gorgeousssss on but the leather is so hard and they don't feel all that comfortable. Any ideas?:roflmfao:

    Via Spiga 'Wine' Boot - -
  2. You can take them to the cobbler and have them "soften" the boot.
  3. [​IMG]$40 at Kohl's, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Plus the grommet detail is exactly the same color as the hardware on my Balenciaga bags:idea:
  4. I just bought brown and black pairs of Chloe 3.5" stacked heel buckle boot (take a look at for Chloe boot) that are absolutely gorgeous. I have another pair in 6.5 black that my best friend changed her mind about since she felt it was too tight. I am planning to return them to Saks. They have since run out of this size so let me know if you might like them. I Love mine and plan to wear them until I am 80 years old.
  5. Chloe -  Buckled Knee Boot -  Neiman Marcus

    Mary Ann, is that the boot you were talking about?

    Chloe's Edith Knee Boot is pretty gorgeous too:

    Chloe -  Edith Knee Boot -  Neiman Marcus

    Both are a bit too round-toe for what I'm looking for, although I know round-toe is totally in this season and much more comfortable than pointy-toe. Those Kohl's boots look really good too - that heel is amazing robyn! $40, what a steal.
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