Comfortable heels


Jan 9, 2006
I am a short girl (barely over 5 feet), and I look stumpy in flats. Sneakers look too casual and Uggs make me feel dime-a-dozen, since every single girl in school owns them. Do you know of any comfortable heels that are at least 2 inches and a reasonable price?


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Oct 3, 2005
I'm only 5'2" and I have that same problem. I think the most comfortable way to add height is to wear wedges. They are more supportive and comfortable than skinny heels, and they have tons of variations and styles of them.

Check out

You can browse by price point, so you can find something inexpensive, and narrow down by style, brand, size, color, etc. it's a really great site.


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Oct 19, 2005
I agree with jaffa, espradilles are all that are on my feet in the summer ! My favourite are actually more of a wooden wedge with a buckle sort, it's from Steve Madden several seasons ago, and definately over 2". I would highly suggest this type of shoe for anyone looking for something casual.

If you'd like a heeled shoe though, go with something in a stacked heel, it's fairly popular this season and because the base is wider than other heels, it'll be less painful and stressful for your feet, legs and back.


Nov 28, 2005
i'm 5'1" and i second the wedges suggestion.......ones that're a little high in front and get higher in the back rather than the ones that're comlpete flat in front......give ur feet lotsa support, give u lotsa height, and they're comfy.......depending on the season kors by michael kors and marc by marc jacobs make very cute wedges, as does steve madden.......


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Nov 18, 2005
ugh, at 4 feet 11. with a size 5 shoe, i never ever find shoes my size. next problem if the heel is more than 3 inches i'll tip over. the only pair of heels i have that are truly comfy are my gucci boots. everything else just hurts. so sneakers it is, and flip flops. it sux!


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Dec 29, 2005
Manolo Blahnik, hands down. They may look uncomfortable, but trust me, you could walk for hours in his masterpieces. I once wore his Carolyn slingback for over 12 problem.

It definitely has to do with the flawless construction and materials. The sole is flexible and grips the ground. There is elastic in the slingback over the ankle, and that provides more flexibility.

If you're looking for an everyday shoe, go for a wedge. I highly recommend Michael Kors "Peru" suede wedge. I have two colors (orange and t.moro brown), and they have lasted and lasted. The back heel has worn out, so I re-heeled it, but the sole is awesome because it's all leather. The more wear, the more character it gets. It is nearly 4" and super comfy because it's a wedge. The stacked heel is so much more elegant than a crepe (plastic) heel you see on cheaper shoes.

KORS Peru can be found on


Nov 1, 2005
This post is actually really helpful. I'm short, but only own flat shoes since I have to walk 7 blocks from the Metro station to work, and I loathe to wear sneakers and change at work. Giving me some really great ideas for the warmer months!