Comfortable but yet stylish dressing for long haul flights.....Help!!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I fly long haul at least 4 times a year... typically its mostly 12-13 hour flights or at the shortest 8 hrs... In the past I would basically dress pretty nice. My parents, particularly my mum kind of instilled this in us and I just followed suit... It was always a challenge being comfortable for that long a flight to be honest... I was just never the type to wear the Juicy track suits when that became the rage... I also don't normally wear leggings as a rule but seeing the pic of Eva Longoria in the Hermes thread got me thinking that it didn't really look that bad.....

    What other options do you all think could be stylish yet comfortable...? Pictures would be awesome too :smile: I travel mostly to very warm weather in the tropics so I must be able to take layers off if need be at the airport while waiting to get my luggage or be picked up.... Thanks Ladies......
  2. I usually do leggings (a thicker pair that is more opaque!) with a longer length button front shirt (I have a few I picked up recently from H&M), with a tank or t-shirt under it and maybe a longer cardigan over top. I'll wear leggings if I have something that covers to a longer length, and I like a comfy sweat to curl up in because I just pop a pill and snooze during long flights, lol.
  3. A plain colored maxi dress + cardigan + scarf is great comfy stylish combo - the only downside to a maxi is that it can be a bit cold around your legs; otherwise I wear 7/8 length cotton trousers, a t-shirt + blazer + scarf with flats; after boarding or take-off, swap the trousers + blazer for velour lounge pants and a cardigan, just before landing change back again.
  4. I wear AG stretchy jeans, but I size up by 1 size so they're comfortable. I usually pair these with a Theory or James Perse t-shirt. I always carry a scarf!
  5. I like to travel in jersey dresses because they are insanely comfortable and don't wrinkle. Ideally a pullover style rather than a wrap (so you don't have a knot poking at your side or back). A jacket or cardigan to keep you warm; you can easily take it off at your destination. Knee-high socks look a little goofy on the flight but they are easier to get on and off than tights or leggings. Finally, a scarf, ideally one that's big/thick enough to double as a blanket.
  6. i'd wear thick leggings and long tee....i want to make sure i don't touch anything in that tight airplane restroom....
  7. Scarf is your best friend as well as large sunnies and loungewear - comfy 100% cotton tees and cardigan paired with blue denim or black jeans !
    I really can't do loungewear for my pants unless I'm sleeping or exercising !!! :smile:
  8. i have to take quite a number of long haul flights in the next two weeks and have been wondering about this as well...i typically wear leggings or-----gasp...juicy velour sweat pants. because honestly, when the fly time is close to 23 hours........

    i am going to try using Jcrew's minnie pants for my first trip at the end of this week and see how it does for the 5 hr flight.

    For the longer flight later on, i will probably bring in a pair of leggings with me just in case to put in my carry on and change in the bathroom --- i like the IDEA of travelling with trousers, a t-shirt + blazer + scarf with flats combo that princess pink mentioned, but by the 6th hour of flying, i'll probably end up extremely grouchy. I like to curl up in the seat and leggings + slouchy sweater and thick socks is just more comfortable.
  9. i definitely like the maxi colored dress, cardigan, and scarf idea.
  10. I usually wear a skirt (jersey knit is nice because it doesn't wrinkle) or casual pants. I layer on top with a nice T and a Tory Burch Simone cardigan.
  11. I was raised a bit like you and have never worn pjs, yoga pants etc to the airport (or generally outside the home). I find that on international flights people are more put together and even formal. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for looking stylish.

    My Tips:
    - For extra long flights make sure your shoes aren't too tight because if you're like me, my feet swell up a bit.
    - A scarf is very versatile. Its foolproof and makes even a simple outfit look more stylish. It also doubles as a wrap while on the flight - nothing is worse when you're uncomfortably cold on a flight.
    - Look back at what creates an unpleasant flight experience for you and address it. For ex: I get cold very easily and I like to take off my shoes so I just bring a pair of socks for comfort. I always have my eye glasses/lens case handy in case my eyes bother me.
    - Take into account the temperature at your destination. If there is a notable difference, dress in layers so that you can easily add/remove items (this is where a scarf comes in handy too :smile:
    - Face misting spray and hand lotion. This may seem over the top but my skin gets soooo dry on long flights 7+ hours. Misting spray is also so refreshing when you've been on a long flight.

    Go to outfits are usually some variation of:
    - Maxi dress + chambray shirt (tied in the front, sleeves rolled up) + sandals (with slight wedge)
    - Skinny jeans (I'm one of those people that's super comfy in jeans) + blousy top + flats
    - Skinny jeans + oversized comfortable sweater + flats/booties
    - Skinny jeans, comfy tshirt, light jacket/blazer (I have a french terry/sweatshirt material gray blazer that I love) + flats
    * you can add scarf to any of these
    * substitute jeggings/leggings for the skinny jeans
    * add flat or low heeled boots/booties if you're going somewhere cold

    Hope this helps!
  12. I agree with the jersey dress. When I flew from Miami to LA I wore a Rachel Pally maxi with a light jacket over and some comfy low wedge espadrillesI also always travel with a large shawl that I can kindof use as a blankie for me and my 3 year old
  13. I agree with the jersey dress. When I flew from Miami to LA I wore a Rachel Pally maxi with a light jacket over and some comfy low wedge espadrilles and it was perfect. I also always travel with a large shawl that I can kindof use as a blankie for me and my 3 year old
  14. I think you're my cyber sister. :biggrin:
  15. :lol: