Comfort of Tivoli pm on shoulder????????


Jul 23, 2008
I love hand held bags like the speedys and I love the galliera pm b/c it's for the shoulder. But I want a med size bag that can be used both ways. I get tired of it constantly on my hand so my question is the tivoli pm comfy on the shoulder as well as it is in hand????What others do you suggest? I'm only 5'2" tall and slender so super big bags are out of the question....The galleria pm is the biggest I'll ever go.


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Jun 25, 2007
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I don't find it comfortable, although it does fit. I find it looks rather awkward like you're trying to force a handbag on your shoulder. The Tivoli GM however, has adjustable straps to accommodate your shoulder better. It's bigger, but I don't think too big. Take a look at the Tivoli thread in Clubhouse for some modelling pics to give you an idea - I'm sure there must be others around the same size as you.

Edited to add: The Montorgueil is a great bag that can be carried on the shoulder and the straps are short enough that you can carry it in hand or on the arm.


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Sep 3, 2007
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I honestly think that the PM was really made to be used as a hand bag, not a shoulder bag. If you want something that's going to be comfortable and versatile, I'd go for the GM. I know that on smaller frames, the PM might work... but with the rolled handles, IDK. I would go to the store and try one on if you can before you make your purchase. Best of luck to you.