Comfort of Large Horsebit Hobo!

  1. Hi ladies! OK, So I'm 99.9999% sure I've decided on a large horsebit....I unstuffed it and walked around with it at Saks. I'm a big boned gal, but it does fit over the shoulder....

    Is this a comfortable bag for you guys? It doesn't go into the small of your elbow b/c of the size of the strap...I was ok with it sitting on my arm...

    Also seemed to stay on my shoulder...

    IS IT COMFIE FOR YOU IN YOUR OPINION? It's so ok for me for a few minutes but I'd hate for this to be a pain...I'm ok with it being heavy...I have a few MJ bags and they are SO heavy imo....Still love them! :P Thanks!
  2. First--it is a GREAT bag, I get so many looks and compliments (I have the black and tan leather) I think it is fairly comfortable except when I have it pretty full, the leather is pretty heavy and the hardware under the leather of the strap will dig into your shoulder, so that gets uncomfortable and cumbersome after a while, especially if you're carrying it around all day. Still I don't care I LOVE it.
  3. Thanks! I didn't notice the hardware under the strap...Hmmm....I'm not too worried about it being heavy b/c my bags are GARBAGE CANS LOL....And one of my old MJs (a Susannah) is HEAVY with two push locks....SO, if I keep this pretty clean and not leave 10 lbs of change on the bottom as usual, maybe I'll be ok :smile: Thanks so much for the input...

    P.S. Do you ever carry it on your arm? Oh, and does it stay on your shoulder? Thanks again :yes:
  4. ^^Any time! I often carry it in the crook of my arm, I was at the mall with my toddler last week, and I wore it like that the whole time. And when its uber-full I hand carry, I carry it alot like that around work. It is pretty good on the shoulder except when it's really full, but even then it's pretty good, even with my puffy jacket. It is really a great bag and such a head turner, I never fail to get looks, that strap is pure genius!
  5. Thanks BLM! I'm pretty excited to get it....:P
  6. ^^^I'm excited for you as well. What color are you thinking of. Have you seen the snakeskin one from the resort collection. I gasped when I saw it on, I actually love the look of it.
  7. Congrats to you!! My coworker has one in black and it is spectacular.
  8. u never can go wrong with this beauty:heart: many congrats
  9. Thanks guys! I'm getting the black fabric...I know most like the leather, but I'm just ready for a non-leather bag....the fabric is very luxe to me...a little nervous it's too flashy...but then again, LVs are everywhere so why not Gs! :yes: Edited: Who am I kidding, I have a pink and black LOL....Talk about flashy...Then again, I was initially thinking FLORA!!! Call me crazy, but it makes me smile....But going with black....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....Boring me!
    I'm actually calling in a favor and getting a Saks employee discount!!!!! I'm not sure the exact amount but I think it's 40-50%? And it's listed for $1205 so how can I not get it!

    I was thinking about a DG Miss Perfect Shopper (not sure of exact name)...but this has always called my name!!!! I'll post pix when I get it....

    It pays to be an Amazon at times hahaha...this bag looks ok e/t it's huge...Most bags look like change purses on me :shame:

    PS...SNAKESKIN? Do you want to put me in the poor house woman LOL!!! :smile: I'm actually saving to pay for 1/2 of my wedding anniversary e-ring upgrade hehehehe....Diamonds are my first true purses take a back seat :smile: :wtf: :drool:
  10. ^^^ LOL, just wanted to know if you'd seen it!! The black fabric is a great choice. I like that it has silver hardware.
  11. You read my mind!!! The lady at Saks told me it's only gold ... LIAR!!!!

    I just noticed that it has silver too! I want silver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Let's hope it's in stock!!!!

    I just looked at Mr. Snakey, and lord that's HOT!