Comfort foods...

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  1. Share you favorite comfort foods or

    I few I can think of for me would be

    friend chicken
    baked mac
    gumbo or stew w/potato salad
  2. Meatloaf
    Lasagna (I don't make too often anymore) split pea and potato ~bacon~ corn chowder
    Chicken Cacciatore
    Butternut squash anything

    I know there are a few more but can't think right now..

    Oh.. grilled cheese and tomato soup, of course!
  3. Ooo...grilled cheese and tomato soup. That sounds so yummy!
  4. All kinds of soups, mashed potatoes, ice cream.
  5. cake!
    fried chicken
    chicken noodle soup
  6. -lasagna
    -carrot cake
    -sheperds pie
  7. pizza
    cheese and crackers
    mama's homemade apple pie and vanilla icecream
  8. homemade tomato beef.

    My friends and I often talk about what we'd want for a "last meal," homemade Tomato Beef is not just a comfort food, but it would also be my pick for a last meal.
  9. Mac and Cheese
    Mashed Potatoes
    Grilled Cheese and Tomatoe Soup
  10. fried rice
  11. fried chicken is a classic and I'm no exception!
  12. Chicken chili
    Chicken tortilla soup
    My mom's sweet potato casserole.
  13. mac and cheese
    spaghetti noodles fried in olive oil
    matzah ball soup
    eggs with jalapeno peppers
    tortilla heated over an open flame with butter
    strawberry and banana smoothies
  14. Cadburys Chocolate
    Chinese Take Away (Sweet'n'Sour Chicken)
    Fresh Cream Chocolate Eclairs
    Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup (from Gary Rhodes' cookery book)
    Dominoes Veggie pizza with pineapple and jalepenos added
  15. Udon (the big noodles)
    beef stew
    grilled cheese
    chicken & dumplings