Comfort and Sizing of CL Hi-Tina

  1. For, the Christian Louboutin Hi-Tina owners: What is the comfort level of this shoe??? How does the sizing run?? I usually wear a 6.5 and can fit "some" shoes in a size 6. What size do I need to purchase in this shoe?
  2. These shoes run true to Louboutin size (non pigalle/decollete).

    For their height, they are very comfortable.
  3. Hi-Tina's are very comfortable, probably the most comfortable Louboutin sandal I've ever worn.....most likely due to the soft nappa leather -- doesn't require any breaking-in at all. Sizing-wise it's true to size or maybe a little bit small (relative to other high-end designer brands). I wear 6 (sometimes 5.5) and the 36.5 fits me the best; 37 is also ok also there's a bit of room in the back (but not too big to be un-walkable). In your case I'd say get 36.5 or 37.
  4. Thanks so much for the input.