Comes in great colors and affordable!!

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  1. I would just buy the Botkier Convertible that this bag is a knockoff of- it's around the time of the season where they will get quite discounted and Botkier leather is to die for!
  2. I had no idea this was a copy of anything - Thx!!!
  3. You are certainly welcome. I don't think Hayden Harnett purposefully copied Botkier, but they sure look similiar.

    I think you will be much happier with a Botkier - and right now it's 40% off at The Purse Store:

    I haven't shopped around for the best deal on this bag, but 40% sounds good. You might want to google a bit before you purchase in order to find the best deal.
  4. I wanted to get a Botkier for a while and finally had a chance to feel the leather of the Botkier. Very disappointed, it was very stiff for the Stirup (the one I loved) and awkward to carry on the shoulder. And the leather on other models are softer but they don't look that good in real.:sad:
  5. The HH bags are very cute. I'd love to hear from someone who has both and see what the differences are?
  6. i don't like the botkier pebbled leather, it's way too stiff. the non-pebble is great, but it seems like they're making more stuff than ever in the pebble.

    i actually like the hayden-harnett a lot better than the convertible. the botkier isn't nearly as cute in real life.