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  1. hey I’m going to jimmy carr in November with a lad im with and I have absolutely no idea what to wear I have a possibility on what to wear but I think it’s way too dressy can someone help ?!?? The dress is attached

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  2. That looks like something you’d wear to a nightclub. I think maybe a t-shirt and jeans is more appropriate for a comedy show.

    *Also... the dart placements on that dress are rather unfortunate.
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  3. Comedy shows are definitely more casual. I would just wear a cute top and jeans. Add some heels if you wanted to, but I agree with the poster above about that dress being more for a nightclub.

    & oh gosh now that they also pointed it out... that is an aweful place to have a seam on the chest area like that lol. Guess there’s no point in wearing a bra, it’ll look like you’re not wearing one regardless
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  4. Agree with the other posters. Cute/dressy top paired with black skinny trousers or jeans would be appropriate. That dress is fine for a different kind of club. ;)
  5. You can wear literally anything to comedy shows. It's very casual without dress codes. I would wear jeans and T-shirt.
  6. If you can get away with that dress, look that good in it, wear it. Your 'lad' will be honoured, you go for it!
  7. definitely jeans, maybe a dressy one if you want to look to impress.
  8. I think a dress is fine if you are a dress kind of gal! I wear a lot of dresses for just everyday. Agree this particular one might have an issue with the dart placement and it might be too short, depends on your height though.
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