Comeback: Mulberry Alexa, will you ever?

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  1. To this day, I kick myself for not geeting my hands on one before it dicontinued. Despite Mulberry releasing many new styles and designs, none appeal to me. I felt Alexa is a bag one can use to work and casually, and I miss it dearly. Will Mulberry ever re-launch the Alexa?
  2. Sometimes you can find Alexas at the outlet stores or in the Mulberry sales (I think there was an Alexa and a Mini Lily in the summer sale). Sadly, I don't think they will bring them back - they are going in a different direction and focusing on the newer styles...
  3. Thank you for your reply!
    I guess I really miss the design so much that i am truly hoping Mulberry will consider bringin it bag. Sigh.......
  4. The Alexa is my favorite Mulberry style :heart:
    I still own 3 of them and will keep those forever :biggrin:
    Have a look at EBay for a preloved one maybe?
    Good luck, I hope you will find one that you love!
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  5. Mulberry in Bicester Village had two Alexas a few days ago - a blue one and another one I don't remember.

    Alexas are my favourite Mulberry style.
    They are so easy to wear because of the cross body strap, have just the right size for what I need to bring with me and the leather IME has been very hard wearing and not at all delicate (at least that goes for my black/nickel Alexa).
    And they look great - I like that they are not too feminine, but also not masculine.
  6. I agree.. I have two of them in Polished Buffalo and they are just sooo hard wearing!!
    Let us know if you need any advice on the leather types ;)
  7. I was obsessed with Alexa after SJP carried it in the Kate Reddy movie! I still keep an eye out on the preloved hand market, if a piece in good condition and good price pops up. Not sure about which size would be best, though!
  8. I agree wholeheartedly with this thread. I did not have money to spare on luxury bags when Alexa was there so I completely missed it! And I live in the part of the world where Mulberry is not easily found also...
  9. My black Alexa is my 1st mulberry bag.. subsequently added bayswater, small del Rey, effie satchel...I must say my Alexa is still my fav.
  10. They really need to bring the Alexa back - it's a classic, just like the Bayswater is.
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  11. My thoughts precisely. I miss it also.
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  12. IMO Alexa is dated - it looks like it's from the 90's. I like the new direction Mulberry is taking.
  13. Alexa is gorgeous! I still love mine. I think it can’t be outdated, as it’s a classic satchel style. I think there is plenty of room to newer and older models alike. Other designers keep their classics at the same time they offer new designs.
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  14. I still have two regular size Alexas and one Alexa clutch (with another one on the way in a different colour!) and love them.

    The outlet versions that I’ve seen over the last couple of years have used more structured leather that I don’t like as much for the Alexa style... but equally some of the older ones had very thin, wrinkly soft buffalo leather.

    It’s worth searching for the right pre-loved or pre-owned (some unused ones occasionally pop up) with a leather types that you like, which can take time if you’re picky like me!! I managed to find an oak soft buffalo one that has nice smooth, not overly thin leather, and also have the pavement grey one in smooth calf leather. Love both! And the black clutch is a regular go-to for casual evenings or running around at weekends, and is holding up really well...

    Good luck with the searches!
  15. Labels Most Wanted has a couple of Alexas on their site . A great reseller .
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