Come with me on my walk today! (pics)

  1. Remember the "I'm gonna walk 5 miles a day until I start my job" promise? Well, I've kept it....99% of the time.

    Come with me around the neighborhood as we close out August! :yahoo:

    1. Incredible sunflowers right across the street from my house...they dwarf me!
    2. First killer's a butt kicker
    3. Hardest part...hill AND a curve...
    walk 1.jpg walk 2.jpg walk 3.jpg
  2. We're just getting started!

    4. first hill done...quick rest then the next one ahead!
    5. Newer homes on top of the hill
    6. Neighborhood Junior High School
    walk 4.jpg walk 5.jpg walk 6.jpg
  3. 7. Another loooong and hilly road ahead - yeah!
    8. One of two elementary schools nearby...classes start soon!
    9. Very cute townhomes...I almost bought one of these!
    walk 7.jpg walk 8.jpg walk 9.jpg
  4. 10. Fire station...VERY hot firemen inside, HTH :graucho:
    11. Halfway point! going back on the long hilly road opposite direction...
    12. More road and me it gets more interesting later, LOL
    walk 10.jpg walk 11.jpg walk 12.jpg
  5. 13. Second of the two elementary schools on our hill
    14. Another newer subdivision!
    15. New homes! This used to be 3 acres of farmland and it will soon be 19 new homes! Believe me, vacant land this close in is as rare as white tigers. I'm sure the owners did quite well. :tup:
    walk 13.jpg walk 14.jpg walk 15.jpg
  6. 16. Tired yet? Check out the remaining farm animals...couple roosters and a large sheep sacking out in the back. There are a couple of very cute pygmy goats too but they weren't out today
    17. More newer homes...a very cute little boy followed me on his bike for awhile asking how close by I lived, awww
    18. Need a pick me up? Have some blackberries...
    walk 16.jpg walk 17.jpg walk 18.jpg
  7. 19. Getting to a cool view neighborhood...I love these poplar trees. It's hard to tell but there's actually a brown horse just to the right of the 3rd poplar on the right...
    20. Love this view! You can see the Seattle skyline in the background, Lake Washington, and the faint line on the lake at the upper left is one of our floating bridges connecting the burbs and the city
    21. another view looking east...big hospital expansion going on. If it had been clearer we would have had a great view of the Cascade Mountains but oh well...
    walk 19.jpg walk 20.jpg walk 21.jpg
  8. 22. Somebody's very cute kitty!
    23. Heading into the final part of the walk...some of these tree leaves are actually starting to turn a little orange and red already, OMG!
    24. We're almost home! Remember the big hill at the beginning? Now we're going dooooooowwnnnn....

    Well, thanks for indulging me, everyone! Here's to more amazing walks!!
    walk 22.jpg walk 23.jpg walk 25.jpg
  9. Great pictures!
    Good on you for sticking to your goal, I probably would of stopped at the firehouse.

    The leaves here are turning color already too. It's terrible.
  10. Pretty good pics girl. You almost made it to California!
  11. ^^ heheheh true!

    It's a super relaxing walk, very peaceful as well as active, but it's nice having the iPod tunes cranked up, believe me...
  12. Great pictures :smile: I cannot believe how wide American roads are LOL thanks for sharing
  13. What a fun thread!! congrats on sticking to it!!! I certainly know how hard it is to stay on track. :smile: I enjoyed your pictures.
  14. Loved your walk pictures...the Northwest, esp the Seattle area is so beautiful!
  15. What a great idea (the walking 5 miles AND taking the pictures!) Love all your pics!