Come Vote: How sould we organize the Color Reference Subforum

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How should we organize the Color Reference Section

  1. By Color

  2. By Year/Season

  3. Neither- (please explain)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. Speak now or forever hold your peace ladies and gents!

    Tell me which way would be more helpful to organize the threads:

    1- by colors (ie. All purples together, blues together, reds together). For an example of this, go check out the Hermes Reference subforum.

    2- by year/season

  2. By color!

    Jag, I am so proud of you jumping into this mess head first! We're gonna make you a Bbag fan in no time! Better tell that awesome NM SA of yours to get ready! (and she is awesome!):heart:
  3. I voted [2].
    We always explain colors to each other by saying its year. Plus, many bal colors are very complex (even crossover) to be easily categorized. And do we really want a thread with 207 types of blue, another with 157 reds and a thread with only one type of orange? sniff sniff, poor lonely orange 04!
  4. Season by far because its less confusing for newbies
  5. By color.

    There are so many unique Bal colors, and since they don't release that many per year, I would love to see it organized this way.

    Thanks again Jag for all your hard work!
  6. I voted for "by colours". I think it would be really great to have thread where all shades of one colour (e.g. blue)can be compared.
    When I need to look up season colours I always go to ataliernaff but when I'm looking for colour comparisons I find it a bit more diffecult to find exactly what I'm looking for. Therefore I think I would be excellent to have a thread instead of needing to do an individual search for the colours I'm looking to compare.

    I hope what I wrote makes sense:shame: - English isn't my first language.

    On a sidenote I just wanted to say that
    I'm really excited about the changes and I think the outcome is going to be great. Jag, I have read a lot of your post these last couple of days and I have been very impressed! Thank you for starting this thread and including us in the decision-process.
  7. This is a hard decision but after sneaking across the borders (er’ boarders) and looking at how the Hermes forum is set up I voted on colors. My first time going in the Hermes forum. Great now I am in trouble!

    Anyway, I think that is easier for new members who want to learn about Balenciaga and pretty much the Balenciaga Reference Library will be most used by them. Some colors will be hard to categorize though; for example ink (blue? purple?) Maybe some colors like orange can be grouped with yellow, since Balenciaga hasn’t got with the program and released more of those very in demand colored bags. Maybe in the Color Reference Section there can be discussion threads set up for the seasons?

    Whatever the majority vote is will be a-ok with me.
  8. I agree with this, I also voted 2 - by year/season.:yes:
  9. For me, it doesn't matter. I probably need to get all this info OUT of my head. But even if you organize by color, when people post their bag of X color, they can state its year and season, like spring 2004 light yellow, and any name variants. That might be enough and shouldn't unduly clutter the reference pics. For that matter, could a Mod move posts into chronological/season order within a color section once the posts grow in number? Sorry, mods, lots of work, huh?

    If grouping by color is the consensus, you could still (without reinventing the wheel) have a BRIEF, separate section that merely lists, by year/season, the colors produced and notes the hardware produced. It would be a one time LIST, only to be updated as new seasons come. Then you would have a sort of cross-reference within the forum, but pics only in one location. Just a compromise suggestion, for what it's worth. If you picked a blue, for example, from a year you feel has desirable leather, you could then go to the pics and compare your blue to all others.
  10. Personally, I think it might be easier to organize and to search for something if it is arranged by color rather than by year. We could incorporate the year/season by posting just that when you post a particular color. But again, this is a group decision, so I will await to see what the majority wants.

  11. You just gave me a great idea. There may be a way to do both!
  12. I think organizing by color is the best way, since newbies won't know that each year had a different "gris" or "truffle" or whatever.

    Thanks Jag! You are on a roll, this place looks awesome!!
  13. I voted for color. I had to think about it for a few minutes but I think color would be better.:yes:
  14. So it could serve everyone's purposes, I was just trying to come up with something that would do it and not be too repetitive or take too much space. Some people start from new person confusion, some to get info to authenticate, some to pick a color.
  15. by color...:tup: its easy to spot the diff. like this is the blue of 06 compare with blue of 07
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