Come view inside & outside my New Garden

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  1. As much as I wanted to do a totally full and proper reveal of my very first Hermes Bag, you know the box,wrapping, ribbon and all other info pertaining to ones purchase, the situation sadly does not allow me to at this time.
    Acquired at the Hermes Boutique/store at the Vancouver International Airport this past Saturday, catching a flight to my other home in PV, Mexico. With that being said, I had to pass on my Orange Box & ribbon.Wanting to keep this purchase as low key as possible with the other passengers on my flight, only made sense to me doing that way.
    Extra packaging was just not going to work.

    I decided to do my reveal yesterday, and as I went to get everything all together, then I noticed that I didn't even have my camera here. I own two professional ones, and knew of one being back in Vancouver, but the other should have been here. Well it wasn't, so I ended up having to take the photos using photo booth in my MacBook Pro. Talk about a work out, trying to get the right angles etc was no easy chore. So I have to apologize that my photos are not the best resoltion and clarity with some shots. The leather is much more beautiful then the photos appear.

    I tried to capture as many different shots as possible to help any of you that might be thinking of perhaps purchasing one for yourselves in the future. Not all of us, at this time, can make the big one for a Birkin. So enough talk, I know :lol:

    May I introduce my new Sac Garden Party Veau/Negonda/Gold with Palladium
    Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.13.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.12.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.11.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 15.58.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 15.55.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 15.48.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.25 #2.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.27.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.28 #2.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.37 #2.jpg
  2. Cont'D with more photos and thank you for letting me share.:smile:

    Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.42.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.44.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.45.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.50.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.51.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.51 #2.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 17.00.jpg Photo on 2012-09-13 at 16.54.jpg
  3. Congratulations, the bag looks fantastic...;)
  4. Congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  5. Congrats on your first H bag! You wear it very well. :smile: The Vancouver airport is where I got my first ever H item, a clic clac.
  6. Congrats!
  7. Awe thanks very much. :smile:
    I only wish that I had one of my cameras here with me to allow a much better viewing experience, lol.

    I had a choice of the "Gold" color or the same model in Etoupe.
    My whole face lit up when wearing the gold versus the Etoupe. The color on me, did nothing at all, no personality, so of course after careful deliberation with myself, the gold was my choice.
  8. Oh congrats to you too on your first purchase @VIA Hermes.
    This bag was not my first purchase there, just first Bag. ;)
  9. congrats on your gp!! a classic..:smile:
  10. Gorgeous bag and it looks great on you! Congrats!
  11. Such a lovely bag !!! Could you tell me what size it is ? Is it GM ? Thanks :smile:
  12. congratulations on your first H bag! very exciting! GP looks great on you!
  13. Thank you very much and of course I can.
    According to its measurements it is the 36, but my invoice says TPM, is that the same? Not sure of the proper codes and sizes.

    It does look kinda big in the photo though. and hopefully not to big on me.:P

    chincac - thank you for letting me share.

    katielure- Awe thanks so much. I purposely didn't dress up or color coordinate to show what it looks like. Your very sweet to say.:smile:

    luckylove - Thanks so much, yes exciting for the first bag.
    You know I had totally forgot that my first Hermes purchase, was a belt.
    Black box leather on one side, and Gold on the other side. Not sure what the leather is, I think epsom or swift , but I know it's not the same leather as my new bag, but they do pair together beautifully:cloud9:
  14. What a beautiful Goldilocks! Congratulations--you wear her well. Lovely!
  15. Oh, it's just a beautiful, classic bag (and my favorite color!). Big congratulations!! And it does look so lovely on you :smile: