Come to see what i recently got from store! I'm so happy! Yahoo!!!!

  1. THANK YOU SO SO MU H:smile:
  2. :ty:
  3. :ty:
  4. Sayakayumi, thank you sweetie so so much:smile:
  5. Dear bag twin sister:smile:, thank you so so much for your nice words, love the bag so so much as well... :graucho:

  6. i agree with you the luxury feeling make the purchase even more special, i'm in LVOE.. :ty:
  7. she should be definitely in your wish list, such a beautiful and so stylish bag at the same time.. thank you:biggrin:
  8. Congrats! I love this bag and I think I am finally ready to get one too. Thanks for the pics! :smile:
  9. :ty:
  10. Wow! Great bag and great collection too!!

    Glad you were treated so well at the store.
  11. lovely
  12. :ty:
  13. hi bag twin:ghi5: i love mine so so much now, :ty:
  14. :ty:
  15. yeah i didnt get the box, if i begged for it:smile: nevertheless so happy with the purchase:graucho: