Come to see what i recently got from store! I'm so happy! Yahoo!!!!

  1. Good evening/morning dear tpfers:smile:
    As many of you i thought i was banned for the rest of this year, but miracles do happen in this life, though i never thought it can happen that fast and unexpected...:smile:
    I went to store yesterday, and came back home with the beauty, in addition the SA was very sweet and gave me 2 beautiful catalogues as a gift, they are: cruise collection 2012 and L'ame du voyage:yahoo: Saying the truth I have never been treated that good in the store, i felt myself such an important customer...
    foto?raf 1.JPG foto?raf 2.JPG foto?raf 3.JPG
  2. :woohoo:
    lets see
  3. Here!
  4. Congrats.
  5. Ready
  6. Ready

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  7. open!!!
  8. Open hurry!!!!!!
  9. Open!
  10. as you all know, i had cracks on my speedy b35, i brought it back to store, and the store gave me the new speedy b 35, instead i add some extra money and got this beauty:tender:

    Introducing you my brand new Trevi Pm !!!! Love her smell, love the leather trims, the handles, the extra leather strap, inner lining and everything, when i touch her i feel she is the luxury bag, i have never felt the same for the speedy b to be honest... so i thought i will save for one later on...

    thank you all for letting me share:smile:
    foto?raf 5.JPG foto?raf 6.JPG foto?raf 8.JPG foto?raf 10.JPG foto?raf 7.JPG
  11. Ugh this will be my next purchase for sure, love it!!! Congrats!!!!
  12. Pretty!
  13. Awwwww love your collection
  14. please modeling pic and show us the catalogue on the left
  15. Oh, great decision! I recently sold my pre-loved DE speedy 30 and was thinking about saving for a new speedy b in DE or regular speedy in DE but now I'm thinking I may need a Trevi since I already have 2 speedies!