Come to see my new baby

  1. :nuts: I love it and It's so beautiful. My Dentelle Pochette Wallet:heart:
    DSC05032.JPG DSC05027.JPG DSC05029.JPG DSC05030.JPG
  2. Fabulous purchase, I love it!
    Great pics and thanx for posting!
    Congrats and Enjoy.
  3. Congrats:yahoo:
  4. Congrats!! Very nice!!! ENJOY~~
  5. very pretty
    congrats :biggrin:
  6. What a gorgeous piece!
  7. Very nice.
  8. I havent seen it in person yet, but it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! ENJOY!!
  9. wow its gorgeous!!!! congrats! lets hope the lace holds up to everyday wear and tear!
  10. congrats! very pretty =)
  11. That's what am worried about:shame:
  12. It is beautiful. Congrats and thanks for sharing the pics
  13. Wow, that truly is beautiful - a work of art!
    thanks for sharing the pics!!
  14. ok. i like dentelle now!
  15. wow!! lucky you!! congrats!!