Come to see my Coffer

  1. I finally got my coffer:yahoo:!!!!I'm so happy!I wanted this bag for so long:p....just have a look!!!Also want the ivory one!:graucho:
    ww.JPG mycoffer.jpg w.JPG f.JPG wwwww.JPG
  2. Is that brown suede? Its beautiful, love the color...congrats!
  3. Looks fab in brown. Have lots of fun wearing it, congrats!
  4. ^^ it actually looks like Suede? :shrugs: Either way, big congrats, she is beautiful and you look great wearing her! :love:
  5. Congrats! it looks great.
  6. Thank you very much!!!and yes it is brown suede!
  7. ^^ well it's very pretty and the perfect size too! I can't wait till mine arrives :yahoo:
  8. MiuMiulena, do you mind me asking where you bought it from? :smile:
  9. Congratulations on your new bag. It's so beautiful!!
  10. Congrats! Patience pays off :}
  11. miumiulena,

    I must say, the strap looks exceptionally long! Would you mind telling me how tall you are? I am worried about the strap being too long now... :sad:
  12. miumiulena, your strap does look really long! Can you show us pics of the hardware on your cross-body strap? :yes:
  13. Congratulations.
  14. I bought it from United arab emirates,in burjuman center,Saks fifth avenue department. i didnt understand what you want me to do with the photograph it in length yes?:confused1:
  15. i'm 1,63 .